Traveling with an ESA Traveling with an ESA

So you’ve got your adorable ESA and you’re feeling healthier than you have in years. With your new companion, you feel like you can accomplish anything – make new friends, climb a mountain or even get on a plane! For those with anxiety associated with flying, or even those who have never traveled with an…

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travel-insurance travel-insurance

Travelling is a lot of fun. It opens your mind to new, interesting experiences. It is certainly the most enriching experience that money can buy. But your trip can go wrong in an instant. You could miss your flight, lose your luggage or even fall ill. Thankfully, a travel insurance plan can help you in…

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Burj-Khalifa Burj-Khalifa

The tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa Tower is a stunning model of foresight, power and design. To construct a 828 metre high tower in the middle of the desert is no mean feat, and the building was designed to be a mixed used development, comprising of residential and commercial areas. This quick…

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