Online-Rummy-in-India Online-Rummy-in-India

Rummy is a popular game across the world. A testimony to this fact is a large number of rummy variants played in different parts of the world. For example, if Gin rummy is popular in America, then rummy is the Asian sub-continent is synonymous with Indian rummy. There several variants of the game but the…

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Breathe Amazon Original Series Breathe Amazon Original Series

Electrified. Excited. Exhilarated. These words are an exact reflection of how I felt about the Amazon original series “Breathe”. The show got me out of breath on many occasions (no pun intended). As is the case with so many Indian series hovering on the “thriller” genre, I didn’t really have a great deal of expectations…

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Online-Rummy-in-India Online-Rummy-in-India

As it starts raining the monsoon magic begins to unfold. The pitter patter of the raindrops that sounds like a pleasant music in the background, the fresh splash of greenery of the rain soaked trees and plants, makes your heart jump with excitement. Voila! Add to this, a piping hot cup of chai and a…

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