Breathe Amazon Original Series Breathe Amazon Original Series

Electrified. Excited. Exhilarated. These words are an exact reflection of how I felt about the Amazon original series “Breathe”. The show got me out of breath on many occasions (no pun intended). As is the case with so many Indian series hovering on the “thriller” genre, I didn’t really have a great deal of expectations…

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Online-Rummy-in-India Online-Rummy-in-India

As it starts raining the monsoon magic begins to unfold. The pitter patter of the raindrops that sounds like a pleasant music in the background, the fresh splash of greenery of the rain soaked trees and plants, makes your heart jump with excitement. Voila! Add to this, a piping hot cup of chai and a…

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Zindagi Tv Show Zindagi Tv Show

It is said that art is the reflection of society. TV shows and movies therefore reflect the woes and tales of the current times and give people an inspiration to deal with their daily struggles. Or not! Today’s mainstream Indian television is mainly clogged with shows where Bahus are turning into houseflies and probably taking…

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