Here’s why you need an Android box for your home!



We all love watching TV shows, but with the recent surge of quality content on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon prime Video, Disney+Hotstar and others, the traditional TV is on its way out. This is where a smart tv box comes in and completely rejuvenates the way you have been experiencing television content all this time.

An android tv box gives you wider variety of channels, streaming services, and a host of other features that makes your long awaited switch from the traditional tv to a smart tv seamless.

Should I get an android tv?

An android tv is a smart tv that runs on Google’s android OS platform and is an incredible way to switch to the smarter world of television. With access to an android tv, you get access to thousands of apps on the big screen, unique smart TV features and many more that will definitely enhance how you watch TV.

However, despite the plethora of benefits and comfortable features that make way for a smarter lifestyle, buying an android tv straightaway can be expensive.

But, if you get an android tv box instead, you can enjoy all the features of an android TV, but you will only be paying for a set top box connection.

Is the android tv box good enough for a smart TV experience?

Of course! Once you get the android tv box, all you have to do is connect the device to your TV and enjoy all the state of the art Android OS features and benefits that you could expect from a very expensive smart TV. Therefore, the android tv box helps you save more.

What about the picture quality and channels?

The android smart tv box gives you access to thousands of local and international channels, depending on the pack you choose. However, instead of paying a fixed premium for several channels, like you used to pay for traditional cable networks, the android tv box lets you only pay for channels that you wish to watch.

When it comes to picture quality, you can stay relaxed because the smart tv box is connected to the internet and hence provides the highest quality picture to you, effortlessly. Therefore, now you can binge watch the latest web shows and movies on multiple streaming platforms, in the highest possible quality with exceptional audio as well.

Control your tv with your voice

On a TV that is equipped with an android tv box, you can now control everything with your voice! By making use of the Google Assistant feature, you can tell instructions to your TV and it will perform a host of functions for you, such as: changing the audio controls, searching for channels or TV shows, changing screen brightness and so much more.

Now you no longer have to press the buttons of your tv remote to get anything done, simply use your voice and see the Google Assistant do the work for you.

There are a large number of smart tv boxes available in the market but getting yourself a good deal amidst so many options can be challenging. The Airtel android TV box is one of the best devices available in India. The setup box price for this device is set at ₹2,499.

If you have been looking forward to buying an android tv for a long time, but have been put off by the prices, then this is the right time for you to get a smart tv box. Upgrade to a smart tv box today and maximise your television viewing experience.

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