Sales And Marketing Alignment - An Infographic 2 Post thumbnail

Sales and marketing alignment is crucial and the lack of this alignment exists for various reasons and can be extremely frustrating, ridiculous but totally understandable. One thing is for certain, if you are running a business, you certainly want it to grow. Therefore, ignoring the misalignment between sales and marketing is not an option at…

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Power-Infographics-Digital-Marketing Power-Infographics-Digital-Marketing

There seem to be new technological developments in digital marketing every day, but often the most effective are the simplest. In this case, the simple power of a well-crafted visual can be the key to successful digital marketing. Understanding why visual content is important in online marketing is key and will help you create the…

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Youtube_for_Business Youtube_for_Business

Salesforce Canada created an infographic titled “How to Use YouTube Correctly for Your Business” which mentions 5 ways to carry out to make your video do better for your business. Why should your business use YouTube. How to Organize a YouTube Channel. Characteristics of Successful YouTube Videos. Optimize your Video. Review your Video Analytics and…

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