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Kolkata-Cuisines Kolkata-Cuisines

Kolkata, the City of Joy is among the most beautiful traditional cities of the country India. This city is one of the biggest metropolia across the world. Kolkata lies among the universally famed hotspot of India. Kolkata never sees a seafood shortage, as this is a coastal city of the country. The cuisines of Kolkata…

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Types of Chocolate Types of Chocolate

Chocolate! An exotic delicacy enjoyed by people of all ages, be that a kid, our sweetheart or seventy years old grandpa Mike. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like chocolate. However, each individual has their preferences, but, luckily, the modern market has a lot of options to offer. How many types of chocolates…

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Seasonal Eats: Which Produce is in Season & When Seasonal Eats: Which Produce is in Season & When

In season produce typically does not rely on the same waxes, preservatives, and chemicals used to preserve the appearance and flavor of out-of- season produce because it’s shipped from far away. teamed up with Zero Cater to create this infographic to guide your produce purchases so you can enjoy vegetables that are fresher, tastier, and…

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