Must Try Cuisines in the City of Joy: Kolkata

Kolkata Cuisine

Kolkata, the City of Joy is among the most beautiful traditional cities of the country India. This city is one of the biggest metropolia across the world. Kolkata lies among the universally famed hotspot of India. Kolkata never sees a seafood shortage, as this is a coastal city of the country.

The cuisines of Kolkata is merged up with many countries around the world. When the Mughals entered this city, the food of Kolkata god tossed with the spicy delight of Mughals and upgraded their quality. Again, the Britishers have made some diversification in the cuisine during their rule.

At the same time, some Chinese émigrés also entered the city and reformed the cuisine with the flavors of them. So, Kolkata is acknowledged for its introduction of the Indo-Chinese flavor food to the entire country. Identify the best cuisine in the city with the help of LBB Kolkata. You will definitely eat more whenever you taste any of the authentic Bengali cuisine recipes starting from sweets, traditional food or street food due to its mouthwatering tastes and flavors. Know more about Kolkata with LBB


Chicken Biryani

Comparing with any of the other state biryanis, the Kolkata biryani tastes amongst the best, as this cuisine has got its style of preparing biryani from the kitchen of Lucknow. The beautiful basmati rice biryani is exuded with its delicate aroma, shiny egg, and flavored meat, with a clue of sweetness indulged in it, hexes sweet satiation. The highlight of the dish is the ‘Aaloo’(potato), that is being prepared with the rice for advancing an exclusive flavor. Bengalis love for Aloo, (a chief vegetable in every Bengali household) has gained popularity in the dish as well. You can try out this special Bengali biryani in some well-known biryani special restaurants like, Oh! Calcutta, Arsalan, Aminia, Zeeshan and many more. You can find more such restaurants on LBB Kolkata’s website.

Luchi and Aloor Dum:

Luchi and Aloor Dum

This is another delicacy of Kolkata cuisine with a unique taste from the kitchen of authentic Bengalis. You can never taste this dish in any corner of the world, apart from Kolkata and the kitchen of Bengalis. Luchi is actually a flat round small bread, made from flour and is deep-fried in the oil. This dish goes best with aloor dum. Aloor dum is a spicy, hot, tangy and semi gravy dish accompanied with luchi.

Love for fish:

Bengalis are known all over the world for their love shown on fish. In Kolkata, you can find two communities of Bengalis. One is from the East Bengal better known as Ghoti and the other, are ancestors of Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi people are famous among the Bengalis, for their culinary skills. Most of the Bengali cuisine items are from the kitchen of ‘Opar Bangla’ (Bangladesh) Bengalis. When talking about fish preparation, the most demanded preparation from the cuisine is Chingri Macher Malai Curry, Ilish Bhapa, Katla macher curry and many more.

Chingri macher malai curry:

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Chingri macher malai curry is prepared with Jumbo-sized prawns tossed with coconut milk sauce and with added spices.

Ilish Bhapa:

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The most demanded fish across the whole world is Hilsa better known as Ilish to Bengalis. The fish is typically demanded among the Bengalis as well. This taste of the fish is awesome and goes best when prepared with mustard sauce. The name Ilish Bhapa resembles that, this is a steamed preparation of fish marinated with mustard sauce, which gives a thrilling experience to your tongue when you taste it.

Katla Macher Kalia:

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This is an everyday preparation in each Bengali home. You will get this item in each and every restaurant as well as street food stalls, serving especially lunch and dinner. The fish is tossed with Bengali kitchen spices, along with the paste of onion, ginger, and garlic.

These are some special fish items that you must try during your visit to Kolkata with LBB. Will recommend you some of the names of the best restaurants serving traditional fish items of the cuisine, such as Aaheli, Bhojohori Manna, Sholo Ana Bangali, Oh! Calcutta, Koshe Kosha and so on.

The sweet delicacies from the kitchen of Bengalis:

Have you heard about the traditional sweet dishes of Bengali people named ‘Pithe’? No!!!! Ok, Don’t worry. I will guide you with this. Pithe in Bengal is a very much popular sweet delicacy from Bengali cuisine. The most popular Pithes’ are Dudh Puli Pithe and Patisaptha Pithe.

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Dudhpuli Pithe is a velvety sweet delicacy of soft rice dumplings dipped in condensed milk. The dumplings are stuffed with sweetened coconut and jaggery.

Image result for patishapta pitha images

Again, rice flour is used for making the Patishapta Pithe with a stuffing of jaggery and coconut. But these are not dipped in milk. You will see it in the form of lacy and soft crepes.

All these sweet varieties are the exclusive preparation of the Bengali cuisine. But, you can taste these sweet items only, in the winter.

The food of Kolkata brands the lifeline of the city. The food list is endless. Only a few are included in this list. You can explore them more on LBB’s food & restaurant blogs. The city is deeply invested in its cuisine. Kolkata is better known as the Mecca of foodie’s.

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