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3 Ways Bloggers Are Changing Our Daily Lives 1 Post thumbnail

We often hear and read a lot about how Doctors, Engineers, Administrative Officers or even Politicians impact our daily lives positively. However, we never hear about most vocal people on earth, the Bloggers. So let us discuss how Bloggers are changing our daily lives. A bridge between Product manufacturers and consumers Most of the Bloggers…

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SocioBlend SocioBlend

Among so many social media providers, Socioblend established itself as one of the most reliable sources to provide digital marketing solutions to its clients. Find out how. Socioblend started as a low profile website that offered social media marketing plans, SEO services, SMO, PPC and more. Gradually it started to prove itself with a customer-oriented…

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Snapchat-Stats Snapchat-Stats

Snapchat has over 186 million active users every day and as a marketing tool it should not be ignored by businesses. Snapchat was launched in 2011 and its platform allows users to send videos or long images to other users that are only a few seconds long. Once the messages are opened, they become inaccessible…

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YouTube Influencers India YouTube Influencers India

Being a YouTube video creator is a lot of work, especially if you are focusing on growing an audience. In the beginning, you can feel overwhelmed with all that you have to do. You need to know the technical aspects of the camera and editing. You need to make good thumbnails to attract viewers to…

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Social-Messages-Trends Social-Messages-Trends

Children learn a lot about etiquettes and behaviors from parents. The moral science classes, conducted at schools, also highlight these teachings. It is considered appropriate to greet someone with “good morning” message during the start of the day. The trend is somewhat popular among millennials. A recent study suggested that internet servers become slow as…

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Snapchat-Stats Snapchat-Stats

Snapchat, an application used to send instant photos among friends, is now being leveraged by brands looking to target a younger audience. Check out the infographic to find out more about Snapchat’s user demographics, which brands are currently using Snapchat successfully, and some best practices for brand communication on Snapchat. Via:

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facebook-ad-targeting facebook-ad-targeting

To help advertisers strengthen their ad targeting, AdvertiseMint, a Facebook advertising agency, released “A Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting,” an internal Facebook ad targeting guide that helps advertisers understand and unlock Facebook’s vast targeting options. The Facebook ad targeting guide contains 850 Facebook ad targeting options segmented into the main categories listed below:  …

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Essay Writing Essay Writing

Writing an excellent essay on social media can be tricky. Taking on a complex topic like social media and its impact on youth development doesn’t make it any easier. I’ll give you some general writing tips and because this is such a challenging topic a rough outline of items you’ll want to touch upon as…

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