Snapchat Stats You Need To Know For Success in 2019


Snapchat has over 186 million active users every day and as a marketing tool it should not be ignored by businesses.

Snapchat was launched in 2011 and its platform allows users to send videos or long images to other users that are only a few seconds long. Once the messages are opened, they become inaccessible on the short-term storage on the platform.

Although Snapchat is an amazing marketing tool, it wouldn’t work for all businesses. However, prior to spending time and money on the platform, you have to determine if your target audience is using it.

As per Omnicore, over 70% of Snapchatters are under 34 years old. If your target market is older, it might be better to commit marketing resources to a different platform like Facebook.

This infographic created by Make a Video Hub gives a full picture of how the platform operates. For marketers who what to be successful in 2019, you get all the current revealing Snapchat stats along with tips for marketers.

This info is helpful with creating a Snapchat marketing strategy of your own!

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Snapchat Stats


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