B.Tech Trailer Review – A Grounded Series About Engineering Students

B.Tech Trailer
B.Tech Trailer

ZEE5 recently launched its new Telugu web series “B.Tech” which features nine episodes with the duration of around 20 to 25 minutes.

In the past, ZEE5 has tasted success with its Telugu web series’ “Nanna Koochi” and, Chitra Vichitram. Both these shows had a good run with regard to the ratings, critical acclaim and viewership.

The trailer of B.Tech is garnering good response so far. The scenes show an interesting storyline with its own bouts of twists and turns. Now, it all depends on how the script delivers and the director manages to keep the audience riveted to their TV, mobile or laptops. The storyline follows the dreams and aspirations of three Engineering students namely Akhtar, Hari & Vikram.

Now here, aspirations do not mean passing out with flying colours in engineering and then joining some hi-tech multinationals, starting off with a 6-digit pay package or going to work at Silicon Valley for a top-notch software firm! Here, we get to see these characters as typical “backbenchers” of the class who have totally different dreams and ideals in their lives.

While Vikram wants to create a name for himself in filmmaking, Akhtar’s passion is bike racing, and Hari wants to be a successful entrepreneur. The two-and-a-half-minute trailer takes the audience through the various travails faced by each of them in following their ambitions, the pitfalls, failures and successful moments. It shows their love lives and the eventual conflicts they get into, as they enter adverse circumstances. The trailer also depicts the social background against which they have to balance their studies and aspirations.

Now hold! If you think that this is another regional remake of the blockbuster “3 Idiots”, we’re sorry to disappoint you. While “3 Idiots” also was the story of three engineering students, it revolved around a central character and his larger-than-life image who teaches others how to live and love. This does not seem to be the case with B.Tech, going by its two and a half minute trailer. Each character has an equally important role and part to play and does not portray any one of the characters as the guiding figure.

All in all, B.Tech makes for an interesting watch because it deals with the independent ambitions of the youth in our fast-changing country but braced against the stymied social background. The acting of the three main lead roles, going by trailer, seems to be quite decent and convincing.

The series is directed by Upendra Verma while the story and screenplay are from Tharun Bhascker. The latter is already a well-known name in Telugu film industry with the national award-winning Pelli Choopulu.  In terms of cast, B.Tech features Meraj, Abhay Kaushik and Madhulatha in the lead roles and the production is by YuppTV SSS

In short, I feel good efforts always pay off eventually, and we are hoping that Telugu audiences will have something great to look forward to with this show.

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