3 Ways Bloggers Are Changing Our Daily Lives

3 Ways Bloggers Are Changing Our Daily Lives 1

3 Ways Bloggers Are Changing Our Daily Lives 2

We often hear and read a lot about how Doctors, Engineers, Administrative Officers or even Politicians impact our daily lives positively. However, we never hear about most vocal people on earth, the Bloggers. So let us discuss how Bloggers are changing our daily lives.

A bridge between Product manufacturers and consumers

Most of the Bloggers promote a certain product related to their niche. For instance let us take an example of TechMakhani, Technical Guruji. These blogs help you understand the latest technology in phones, tabs, laptops etc. These bloggers spend their efforts on learning and understanding the toughest technology and explaining them in a way so that a common man can consume it easily. Similarly, there are bloggers who choose and pick some of the most useful things from Amazon and put in a way that you will buy it immediately however when you go to Amazon directly you would never find those stuff that easily. Another example can be of those bloggers who talk about food and cooking. Many times when we go to roadside Dhabas or a good restaurant in a 5-star hotel we wonder why can’t we cook such tasty food. These Bloggers make it easy for us. They share the tips and tricks to prepare those dish. Hence we can easily say that these Bloggers are doing a lot of stuff to make our lives easy.

Waging a war against biased media

For very long we believed what we were made to. But now the times have changed. People do not accept the biased news and counter them with the truth. Leading the fight against the biased system are the Bloggers. These Bloggers research and present the correct information. Sometimes they have to bear the brunt of the administration and government as well. But still, they keep their fight on. They need much support in terms of appreciation. A small appreciation can give them a lot of boost and confidence to keep on doing the good work.

Recognizing the uniqueness

Another very important thing which Bloggers make us realize is the importance of the very simple things around us which we never notice. For example, there used to be a small pav bhaji shop which we noticed only when it featured on one of the very famous Blogs. Quite a lot of times we crave to eat authentic food which we get at places which are very small but have existed for the longest time. Many we do not know about the historical places or scenic place around us and we get to know about those laces only when they appear or feature on any Blogging channels.

Sometimes I feel Bloggers are happy people who are spreading happiness all around. Bloggers help make our lives easy in many ways be it food, cooking, technology, lifestyle and so many other ways. But the reason behind the success of Bloggers is the availability of platforms such as WordPress, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. The more these platforms evolve the better Blogging is going to be. Hence Blogging as a career has a long way to go. You can also do Blogging as profession and earn money or you can think of  generating income through business

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