The Growing Popularity Of “Suprabhat” Messages Among Millennials


Children learn a lot about etiquettes and behaviors from parents. The moral science classes, conducted at schools, also highlight these teachings. It is considered appropriate to greet someone with “good morning” message during the start of the day. The trend is somewhat popular among millennials. A recent study suggested that internet servers become slow as a very high percentage of people send good morning messages to each other. Survey highlights that most of these people fall in the millennial category. Technology offers several ways to send good morning greetings.

Millennials value manners

As most millennials tend to spend their time on laptops or smartphone, one may easily tag them unsocial or self-centered. The reality is far from this. Youngsters today believe in working hard and partying harder. One requires the company of their loved ones to enjoy a party. It is not possible without socializing. Millennials possess a modern outlook, but they also value morals and behavioral norms. Greeting people appropriately, depending on the time, comes naturally to the millennials.

Make someone’s day special

Millennials are friendly people. If you talk to them politely, they will reciprocate it accordingly. Millennials like to hand out with like-minded people. If you reflect their likes and dislikes, then you will forge a strong bond with these youngsters. Millennials are aware of the fact that one need not do significant things to make someone’s day special. They respect the finer feelings and emotions that people possess.

A sweet good morning images in hindi can give your day a nice start. When so many people are praying for your success, then something good is bound to happen. A quick note will help people to realize that they hold a special place in your heart. If you extend a hand of friendship towards someone, with these messages, they will reciprocate the same feelings. It will help in increasing your friends’ circle.

Intense urge to socialize

Millennials have a strong urge to socialize. Earlier, it was only limited to the real world. With the inception of social networking sites, they attained new avenues to make friends. Several millennials want to work as an online influencer. They must have a high number of virtual followers. Continuous online presence is a must for such individuals. Such millennials try to connect with their followers with personal “good morning” messages. These messages will assist the millennial online influencers to keep a loyal line of followers.

Millennials are addicted to social media

It is somewhat challenging to find a millennial who does not have an online representation. Most have more than one social networking profile. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and MySpace are some very popular social networking platforms. These platforms help millennials to keep in touch with their family members and friends. It is also an effective way to increase your friend circle. Making new friends and maintain old ties requires some effort. A sweet, good morning post will help these people to realize that they are always on your mind. A message from you is also a way to let them know that you are all right. If you don’t post anything on a particular day, it will ring a bell. Your friend and family members will check up on you within no time. The knowledge that people care about you will develop a warm feeling in your heart. After all, the need to love and be loved is a universal urge.

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Access to modern technology

Earlier, one could send greeting text or picture messages via email. For that, you needed access to a computer or laptop, which was a hurdle in itself. But technological advancement made both computers and internet connection affordable. Apart from laptops, you have access to tables. If these are beyond your budget, then you can purchase a smartphone easily. Several brands manufacture these unique mobile phones.

Development in the operating system and technology allows smartphone users to access any virtual platform with the press of few buttons. These phones also allow the users to download text or picture “good morning” messages. Apart from social networking accounts, one can access online messaging platforms.

You can easily attach and send the greetings to your family members and friends, via their personal accounts. The simplicity of the procedure urges more and more people to make use of it.

Cheap data plans

Online shopping, social media, and other virtual platforms have the potential to keep people of all ages hooked and booked for hours. From completing their shopping to getting news updates, millennials depend on their tech gadgets more than anything. The amount of time one spends online is directly proportional to the data usage. Millennials and members of Gen Y spend most of their time on social media.

To meet their demands, internet connection providing companies have come up with various data plans. Their main objective is to capture the lion’s share of the market. The cheap data plans allow youngsters to spend more time on virtual platforms. When they have unending data, they will figure out ways to utilize it.

So, the first thing they do, after waking up, is sending “good morning” text messages to family members and friends. A simple message may bring a smile to someone’s face. Millennials like to do most of their tasks online. From maintaining their personal relations to completing professional obligations, millennials are comfortable with the use of virtual platforms.

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