Sex Education in Virtual Reality


With virtual reality (VR) becoming an increasingly common source of entertainment in today’s world, many people still aren’t aware of the educational power that this new form of media holds. Of course, having the ability to view activities and lessons as if you’re actually in the same room with someone can be a tremendous asset when it comes to creating more effective home learning solutions. Sex education through VR is one topic that has started to take off in the media recently, and for good reason – many adults and high school students have begun looking into VR as a means of facilitating more vivid and accurate knowledge about sex.

How Can VR Be Used for Sex Education – Smartphones and Sex Dolls?

Virtual reality might seem like a next-generation technology that can’t be easily accessed by the average person without a profound technical knowledge, and all you need nowadays is a specialized smartphone headset to get started. Websites are using VR to cover sex from both an educational and entertainment standpoint, with pornography websites springing up to accommodate the VR porn revolution and companies  creating incredibly life-like sex dolls and advanced fancy sex toys.

While such items are primarily designed for pleasure, their realistic anatomies also makes them great for advanced sex education. Viewing VR sex-ed content and pornography or using sex dolls are particularly appealing options for busy individuals who don’t want to go through the hassle of experimenting and learning with an actual partner who may judge them or let them down.

What Is Modern Sex Education?

The definition of sex education has changed dramatically over the years, as the curriculum taught in today’s world tends to place a stronger focus on recreational sex, as opposed to traditional point of  view which discussed sex only as a means of reproduction. Today, people’s consern about their good performace in bed has become a big issue.

Thus, modern sex-ed has much more to do with pleasure than progenation. The idea of using a sex doll for sex education simply wasn’t a thing just a decade ago, but with advancements in this area creating highly realistic anatomies to explore, it’s become a legitimate option in today’s world.

How Can VR Be Applied to Sex Education?

Virtual reality gives you the ability to put yourself into new environments and feel as though you’re actually in the same place with another person. This can be helpful when you’re trying to learn about “pleasure spots” and various sex positions. The technology is also being incorporated into the field of academia, with some universities beginning to develop VR-based medical courses that provide virtual access to insightful procedures and examinations.

The scope of possibilities is constantly expanding as VR continues to become more advanced, but for now, the technology’s primary application and advantage lies in its ability to create highly detailed and memorable learning experiences that stick with the student. Another benefit of using VR for sex education is privacy, as someone can wear a VR headset and study sex-ed anywhere without anyone being able to peak at what they’re viewing. This creates new learning opportunities because people can feel comfortable using VR for sex-ed in situations where they would otherwise not be able to do so.

What Other Tools Can Be Used For Better Sex Education?

Of course, virtual reality isn’t the only form of technology that can be used to enhance sex education. Here are a few more tools that are being used in modern sex-ed:

  • Kindle books –  Having sex-ed books that you can take with you on the go is not only convenient, it also lets you study from the privacy of your mobile device and during your free time.
  • Adult toys – With adult toys being so life-like nowadays, and the aforementioned sex doll market starting to emulate humans in terms of realism, toys, and dolls are certainly an option for someone who wants to explore sexuality from a solo perspective.
  • Anatomical diagrams – While this might be a more academic approach, you can learn a lot by examining anatomical diagrams of the reproductive organs. Many of these diagrams are specifically designed to highlight and explain body parts that contribute to sexual pleasure as well.
  • Sex-Ed Apps – Finally, you probably didn’t know that there are a number of sex ed apps that can be used to facilitate quick learning in this department in a well-organized and portable manner.

In closing, it’s also worth mentioning that augmented reality (AR) – the overlay of digital items onto the user’s field of vision to create holographic items – may also soon become a factor in the realm of sex education as the technology continues to embark on its mainstream advent and become a household convenience.

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