The Ultimate Guide to the Types of Chocolate

Types of Chocolate
Ultimate Guide to the Types of Chocolate

Chocolate! An exotic delicacy enjoyed by people of all ages, be that a kid, our sweetheart or seventy years old grandpa Mike. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like chocolate. However, each individual has their preferences, but, luckily, the modern market has a lot of options to offer. How many types of chocolates do you know?

Here is the guide to both regular and exotic varieties of this treat to enjoy at our desserts, cheat days and hey! Can’t figure out what to gift someone? Chocolate can be the solution. Here are nine amazing types of chocolate you need to know about.

Types of Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

7 out of 10 people are huge fans of milk chocolate. It is considered to be the most moderate and universal taste people consume all over the world. Milk chocolate is made up of 10% cocoa with added cocoa butter and sugar to make it taste subtle and sweet. The taste is not intense and is most popular with children. Adults like it too, but the fame is more amongst the young champs. These sweet bars are often used to top sweet treats or in the majority of dragees. Oh and let’s not forget HOT CHOCOLATE!!!

Dark Chocolate

Being a chocolate fan and a health freak at the same time can be a big problem. Luckily, there is a type of chocolate that suits best for people who are cautious about their health and diet. Dark chocolate is prominently bitter. However, it is considered as one of the exquisite chocolate variety to be consumed amongst the adults.

The content of cocoa in the dark chocolate can vary from 25% to 90% depending on the preferable bitterness of the chocolate with very less amount of sugar in it. Not only is it a good option for dessert and snack, but its health benefits are also to be mentioned as well.

Having a high amount of antioxidants it helps to control blood pressure and cholesterol. A daily dose of 30 to 45 grams of dark chocolate is recommended by the doctors for a fit and healthy body.  

Couverture chocolate is one of the dark chocolate types. It’s a high-class type manufactured according to a specific technology and used mostly by professional chocolatiers, and many brands  all over the world, like Santa Barbara Chocolate, for example, have specific facilities to produce it.

Dark chocolate is mostly used for the baking purpose and often as a proxy for cocoa powder as the bitter consistency is alike. Though you may find specific chocolate for baking, it contains no milk or sugar and is extremely bitter, and only a minor amount of people enjoy it in its unprocessed form.

White chocolate

For the beginning, white chocolate is not chocolate at all. Don’t let the name confuse you. It consists of cocoa butter and milk solids. White chocolates happen to be the smoothest and creamiest of the types in this regard. These types of chocolate is mostly used for cupcake frosting or sometimes used as melted garnish for buns or gingersnap snap cookies. Also, it’s prevalent in manufacturing figurines.

Cocoa powder

solids that are left after all the cocoa butter is removed. It is usually used in backing and making chocolate flavoured drinks.

Compound chocolate

is a result of combining cocoa and a vegetable fat different from cocoa butter. Usually, this vegetable fat replaces cocoa butter completely. In many countries, you can not qualify this substance as chocolate, though it looks similar.

Raw chocolate

is a type of chocolate that didn’t undergo any processing. It is promoted as the most healthy type of chocolate, but it’s majorly available it in the countries that grow chocolate.

Modelling chocolate

is a chocolate paste mixed with various types of syrups. As it comes out in the form of a liquid substance, it is often used to decorate pastry and cakes.

Ruby chocolate

a new form of chocolate developed it 2004. It is made of Ruby cocoa beans and has a taste different from traditional chocolate.

Gianduja chocolate

The list ends with Gianduja chocolate, which uses high-quality and best-harvested hazelnuts. It is a guarantee that the silky smooth texture and richness of this chocolate will make an individual feel like royalty. It comes in a semi-liquid form and can be named the monarch of chocolate spreads. An excellent gift for your beloved one.  

So, let’s end the note with a “mention not” because we believe this easily found yet dainty varieties and information regarding the best chocolates will be a great help to all the chocolate lovers

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