How We Eat Our Chocolate

Chocolates are a kind of food that is almost impossible to dislike – no matter what the emotion, a chocolate can be party to it. But have we ever wondered how we eat our chocolates? For some of us with sweet teeth, that can be similar to analyzing how we brush our teeth every morning. Eating chocolates is like second nature to that genre of people. The other category contains people who love chocolates, but have several restrictions from doing so. They probably sit and wonder – how do we eat our chocolate in a health efficient way.

This infographic by celebrates International Chocolate day by showing us how two types of people eat chocolates. The first kind is the devil may care, doesn’t give a damn attitude dude. All he wants is to devour his delicious chocolate and soak in the satisfaction. The second kind is a cautious, weight watcher who thinks twice before indulging. She will always be in a catch 22 situation – if she doesn’t eat chocolates, she will probably crave them. And even if she decides to undertake some cautious indulgence, it will trigger an unsolicited depression concerning weight.

The simple concept of this infographic to celebrate international chocolate day tends to go with the nature of the Zomato brand. It has a seamless touch, as most users can associate personally with either one or both the characters in the graphic. We wouldn’t like to caution you or preach to you on what to do – but we definitely recommend figuring out a way to eat your chocolates that satisfies you!!!

How We Eat Our Chocolate

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