Creative Ways to Apply Your Old Motorhome

Old Motorhome
Old Motorhome

A lot of people dream of having a motorhome and go on trips. RV owners have total freedom of movement. They don’t need to stick to the train or bus schedules and book hotel rooms. Also, exploring unknown places with loved ones is much easier for them.

From another hand, the cost of ownership and maintaining can be pretty high especially if you have an old model. In some cases, it will be cheaper to buy a new motorhome than repair your current one. RV owners struggle to find storage for their broken vehicles.

Do you have the same problem?

Before you decide to sell your motorhome through dealers such as Oaktree Motorhomes, or abandon it in the middle of nowhere, stop for a moment. Fortunately, there are a lot of creative ways to apply your old motorhome! You can give this piece of rusty metal a new lease of life.

Make a photo zone

You don’t need to buy a new carburetor in case you want to rent your motorhome for vintage photo sessions. Your motorhome can become a pretty decor element for the wedding or birthday party. All you need to do is to paint it and put some extra lights. You will be able to make even more cash if you redecorate it inside. If you like this startup idea, feel free to contact local photographers in order to cooperate.

Make a house in the garden

If you have some space in your garden, consider parking your old motorhome just right there. You can make a guest house out of your old RV. Also, your kids will love spending time there. Explain to them that having a motorhome is much cooler than a treehouse. In the case of a guest house, you will need to redecorate it inside. There is no necessity to invest in the kitchen if the motorhome stays in your garden. You will only need to buy a comfortable double bed and a few cordless lamps.

Redecorating will be much easier in case you want to give the vehicle to your kids. You will need to clean inside, remove vehicle’s details, lay a new rug on the floor, bring few fluffy pillows. Don’t forget to remove the lock on the door.

Another great thing about having an old RV in your garden is that you can create an outdoor movie theater. Set up the projector screen on the side of your motorhome and bring some speakers.

Everyone needs to have a safe space to relax. You can also keep an old motorhome just for yourself- put your favorite books there, hide a bottle of wine and chocolate bars. Sometimes adults need ‘treehouse’ as well.

Make a food track or a bar

If you want to open a restaurant or a bar, consider converting your motorhome into a food truck or coffee shop. Renting a place can be pretty expensive at the very beginning, so your grandpa’s old RV is a great solution!

You don’t need to travel around the country to sell burgers or beers. Choose the best spot in your city. During the summer season, relocate your motorhome closer to the lake or the sea. Before you start your business, you will need to make some minor modifications.

Make a portable pool

That’s right! You can make a swimming pool out of your old motorhome. To do so, you will need to remove the roof and the interior. Then retrofit the body of RV so it can support the water inside. The original idea of a portable swimming pool came from French artist Benedetto Bufalino. People in France are getting ready for the summer season, what’s about you?

Make a shop

If you want to sell your limited edition products, convert your motorhome into the mobile shop. It is a pretty popular concept in urban areas nowadays. You will need to invest a couple of thousand in renovation, but there is a chance it will pay off! If your business fails, you still will be able to sell your motorhome at a higher price.

Donate your Old Motorhome

If you don’t want to spend time and money on renovating your old motorhome, you can just donate it. The good thing is that you get the tax deduction and get zero liability for your RV from the day of pickup. You can also do a good thing. For instance, you can donate your old unwanted motorhome to Breast Cancer Car Donations. It will help raise public awareness on breast cancer treatment, pursue research on diagnosis and prevention. There are a lot of different local charities that will be happy to receive your old vehicle as a donation.

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