A Detailed Guide on How Does IndusInd Bank FD Works



Are you seeking an appealing combination of security and competitive rates of interest for your fixed deposit (FD)? With IndusInd Bank, we offer fixed deposits to increase your cash value. With higher returns, we offer the best interest rates on fixed deposits. But it’s not the only thing! There are many reasons to consider investing in an FD scheme provided by IndusInd Bank.


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Why Should You Open a Fixed Deposit Account at IndusInd Bank?

With IndusInd Bank FD accounts, you will receive higher interest rates for a term deposit! Senior citizens receive even better interest rates for their FD.


IndusInd Bank offers a wide range of fixed deposit options specifically designed to meet your saving and investment requirements. You can enjoy flexible interest payments according to a set schedule of your choice. It can be every month, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or at the time of maturity. You can receive the interest either in your current or savings account.


Apart from providing a high-interest rate, our FD plans also allow early withdrawals in emergencies. With us, you will be able to automatically renew your FD, as well as alter your nominee details.


Since being at home is the trend nowadays in the pandemic, you don’t have to visit our branch to open or modify your FD account. We can help you with telephone banking and the online bank (Indusnet).


We also offer different durations to choose from for an FD. Moreover, the account opening process is super fast. It takes just a few hours to check all of your documents and create the fixed-deposit account at our bank. Of course, this period is subject to payment realisation.


Furthermore, you do not need a savings account at IndusInd Bank to open an FD. Provide us with your savings account number to which you would like your funds transferred upon maturity or early withdrawals.


Are You Eligible to Open a Fixed Deposit Account?

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be an Indian citizen.
  • You have to complete your KYC by presenting all the required documents.


Opening an Online Fixed Deposit Account with IndusInd Bank

At IndusInd Bank, you can open an FD account online in three easy steps:

  • Log into the official website of IndusInd Bank and fill in an FD application form.
  • Choose the duration most suitable for you. Then, authenticate your identity.
  • Complete the application and electronically transfer the money to start your FD.


You can open an FD account with IndusInd Bank in just a couple of minutes by submitting an online application.

Final Word

For Indians, a fixed deposit is a top investment. IndusInd Bank values our customer demand and offers you the chance to help your money make a difference for you!


Put your money into the fixed deposit schemes offered by IndusInd Bank and be pleasantly surprised by our competitive interest rates as well as a myriad of advantages.


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