Best Money Games Offered by Mortgage Calculator for Free


Anything related to finance and economics has always caught my attention. In recent times there have been several posts, stories, news articles and so much of finance related content that has been floating in and around the internet, and the world we live in. When it comes to spreading knowledge about the finance industry amongst people who have absolutely no knowledge about the industry, there is very content available which would actually intrigue or rather fascinate the people.

Now here is where it gets interesting; all the ‘so called’ content available on the internet regarding finance currently, is very generic. There is nothing ‘new’. General finance trivia, quiz and other similar games have flooded the internet but there is nothing substantial that catches the eye of the general public with no finance knowledge. Times have changed and the need for the spread of finance knowledge has become more than ever before.

Mortgage Calculator has a variety of money games that are not only fun but are also very interesting and challenging at the same time. If you are someone who loves games that are not too easy and mainstream, then should be your go to place. There is a wide range of games that you can play here. This will not only serve as a point of entertainment but will also provide you with all the necessary information regarding the finance industry.

The best part of this website is that it offers dozens of games for free. Yes you heard it correctly, absolutely free. Not only this, they also offer ad free games to enhance your gaming experience. A perfect fit for not only kids but also the adults. What could get better than this? So what are you waiting for? Just hit to this website immediately and let all the boredom disappear. There are lots of games that await you.

These games are sure too help you build your financial knowledge as they all include the nature of dealing with money. Getting people into the habit of saving money from a young age so that as adults they’ll make wise financial decisions is always a good idea. Whether students need to learn how to calculate compound interest, count money in several different ways, prepare for their first credit card, or figure out business basics, this list has something very useful in all aspects of finance.

Every game on this list is sure to build your financial literacy skills and help you and your loved ones see the value of smart money management.

First, there are certain games that cover a small amount of content or are limited to briefer and more repetitive play sessions. There are also interactive experiences, often tied to a curriculum, that are less playful but often more in-depth.

Some of the best games the site has to offer are as follows:

  1. Cash Back.
  2. Grocery Cashier.
  3. Treze Coins.
  4. Idle Money Tree.
  5. Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine.
  6. Lit Ape NFT Generator.
  7. Stocks.
  8. Supermarket Numbers.

Not just this, but there are also many different games just in case finance games start to get monotonous or one dimensional for you.

The games mentioned above will significantly impact the way you see and deal with money. In other words, the games that are listed above will most certainly change your entire perspective about money and will also provide you with new and much-needed ideas to live a sustainable life with money as the key aspect.

Some of the key factors that make these games beneficial for your financial knowledge are as follows:

  1. Cash Back – In this game, the players are taught to give the correct amount of change to the customers. This helps in improving your ability to calculate money and at the same time it also imbibes in you a sense of entrepreneurship since a very young age. This game also comes with loads of other features and functions to help you stay miles away from boredom.
  2. Grocery Cashier – This game serves as a perfect teacher of mathematics to younger children. It’s always good for young adults as well to learn new ways of adding and subtracting by operating a virtual cash register.
  3. Treze Coins – This game is a simple game where kids add coins to deposit into a candy machine. This game also helps kids understand the value of each coin. This game also comes with loads of different features and customisable options according to each ones preference.
  4. Idle Money Tree – In this game, kids have to click on the bags of money as soon as they appear on the tree. This game does not only help kids gain the good feeling of collecting maximum amount of money but it also helps them improve their hand-eye co-ordination as well as their reflexes.
  5. Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine – This game is simply about mining bitcoins and storing them to manage things like electricity bills, buying new mining equipment, etc. Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine also helps players to understand the value as well as the entire concept of cryptocurrency. This games is also very futuristic in several different ways and can positively impact the younger generation of kids.
  6. Lit Ape NFT Generator – This game, in many ways is similar to the Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine game. In this game, the player has to tap on the static NFT picture to mint NFTs. The player would also have to select on any large moving NFT in order to gain a bigger bonus. The player can then use these NFTs to upgrade his/her website. This game also teaches the player basic but effective uses of trade that can also be implemented in our day-to-day lives.
  7. Stocks – As the name suggests, Stocks is a game that will help you understand the concept of stock trading. In this game the player will be provided with a sum of money initially to invest it in the stock market and earn profits out of it. This game is an ideal one for most of the people and especially for the younger generation in order to understand the importance of investing in the stock market for a better and secure future.
  8. Supermarket Numbers – Supermarket Numbers is an arithmetic practice game that helps the players to get better with numbers and calculations. The benefits of this game are truly endless as numbers are an integral part of our day to day lives.

To sum it all up, these are a bunch of games, not only for kids but also for people of all age groups. In recent times it is very evident that money should be greatly valued for a better and sustainable lifestyle. These games will most definitely help you change your perspective about money and will surely give you a whole new thought process in regards to managing finances, not only appropriately but also effectively.

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