The Mobile Gaming Sector Drives Forth a New Digital India

mobile gaming in India

The digital boom across the Union has been accelerated by a year of virtual and mobile socialisation. As the desi online media and entertainment market begins to fulfil its true potential, the gaming segment steps up to fill the void left by old-fashioned entertainment and traditional business models.

mobile gaming in India

Tech Industry Provides Crucial Added Value to Bharat Economy

Few of us would argue that the past year has not redefined the way we live, work and have fun. Most industries had to adapt – economic models changed and global trends made us feel closer, even when families and communities were isolated.

In such a context, mobile gaming has been recognised as a rising phenomenon across India. Our smartphones make entertainment more accessible than ever, with dynamic and customizable contents and cross-over links to social media. Top online gaming communities are a prime example of virtual social tribes which can unite desi users across the nation.

Every week, mobile users in India spend a few hours with their gaming apps. Many play for free, others try in-app tokens and purchases. But for a growing number, online gaming is a serious occupation, with e-sports and fantasy leagues gaining national visibility and recognition. They have also turned into important economic segments for the entire desi IT industry.

Online gaming genres have different payment and gratification schemes. From in-app purchases to monthly subscriptions to real money gaming platforms, the trend is clear: a growing number of consumers are willing to pay for quality content and top-level entertainment at their fingertips. The same line of reasoning is valid for the spike in OTT popularity and other leading online subscription services.

Recently the World Economic Forum recognised India’s booming gaming industry as the global leader in the segment. The second largest internet consumer market has the top online gaming user pool. Mobile app downloads push up its share to around 17% of the World’s total and have turned what used to be a niche market into a force to be reckoned with.

Tech industry experts anticipate that India’s young and tech-savvy population is likely to sustain such market growth rates for a decade.

mobile gaming

TP-Games and Casual Mobile Gaming Play Important Post-COVID Role

The average online user in India plays casual games on their mobile phone – from TP-Games to skill games and social apps with different player challenges. High demand and adoption rates for many of today’s top mobile games in India come from their deep roots in family tradition and desi culture. Originally played with friends and relatives, popular pastimes like teen patti, andar bahar, ludo or rummy have earned their modern digital versions online.

Gamification elements proved more than useful when a series of lockdowns moved education, work and entertainment online and at a safe physical distance. Whether skill or chance based, new formats played an important role in the well-being of consumers, helped families stay in touch and provided a much needed break from an uncertain daily routine.

Online gaming communities across India saw a rise in numbers and shot to the top of many media and content rankings. KPMG reported in an in-depth analysis that with traditional segments like TV, print and even film declining, the hope of the entire Media and Entertainment sector lies with digital content platforms (Over-the-Top and streaming) and online gaming. Both maintained a stable performance throughout 2020 and bounced right back in 2021, posting growth rates across the board.

Google Play and Apple App Stores confirm the rising numbers of gaming app downloads, while online marketing surveys support those with longer gaming times and overall engagement rates.

While we can never be certain about upcoming global events, current trends in Bharat are expected to hold. The need for online entertainment and staying in touch with family and peers has a neat outlet in mobile gaming. The entire digital consumption has moved online and a series of vertical factors are taking notice – from content producers and digital platform developers to advertisers and influencers.

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