“Optimistic” Consumption Trends Show that Sweden Is Ready to Welcome the End of Social Restrictions

Social Restrictions in Sweden

As the Nordic country slowly leaves the third Covid wave behind, much in the world around it has changed. The Swedish positive outlook, however, remains a cornerstone of a society which is ready to get back to some of its favourite work, lifestyle and health routines.

Social Restrictions in Sweden

“The Beginning of the End”

Last week the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was quoted as saying he is optimistic that the end of physical and social restrictions is near. He also recognised that the Covid pandemic is not yet defeated, let alone left behind. Even so, he announced a plan to gradually ease up current rules and recommendations.

The Swedish economy has reportedly recovered to pre-2020 levels. Some analysts echoed the foreign concerns that the Scandinavians’ liberal approach might end up costing them more lives than if they were to follow the more widely adopted global practices – business closures and lockdowns.

Vita Tanden and Mobile Health Apps Confirm a Lasting Change

The fact that people buy home teeth whitening products online on Vita Tanden and trust healthcare and lifestyle apps more than ever before reminds us that the world is not quite the same as we knew it. Online shopping, remote services and intensive mobile app use are not unusual for any generation, at this point. And they definitely did not start with Covid.

Moreover, for a health-conscious nation, sports and healthcare services have always been of primary importance. Traditionally, Swedes trust completely their excellent public healthcare system and would always turn to their dentist or nutritionist first, instead of seeking medical advice online.

Yet, a number of reputable expert blogs, professional coaching services and scientific developments have become the norm for consumers. Recently, researchers from Linköping University announced the launch of a mobile app that helps women maintain a healthy weight level during sensitive periods like pregnancy.

Dieting and teeth whitening services are mere examples of essential personal medical needs that have largely moved to the online space. Being complementary, nevertheless, they provide some relief to the main healthcare system that was under considerable pressure in the past year.

Open Air Remains Irreplaceable

With more apps and online services, even working from our homes has become a global standard. But there are some experiences that Swedes would never sacrifice.

Their proverbial love of nature and its wholesome effects on personal well-being is part of the very essence of being Swedish. Staying in touch with nature and attending open-air events (for urban dwellers) have proven crucial in maintaining a sense of normalcy in a difficult period.

Now, the country is welcoming news that outdoor shows, sports events, markets and bars would soon be accessible without limitations. Cautious openings are supported by a very successful vaccination campaign and the gradually decreasing pandemic statistics. But, above all, they show the desire of the Swedes to make the best out of their cherished short summer and look confidently ahead.


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