How to Feel Safe and Confident Dating Post Lockdown

dating post lockdown

dating post lockdown

FOMU is one of the newly-dubbed mental barriers people are facing as lockdown rules change. What’s that we hear you ask? FOMU stands for Fear of Meeting Up, which is an increasing worry after our lives have been truly knocked on their heads, whizzed in the washing machine and hung out in a storm this past year and a half. After so many months of being consistently told to stay inside, lock up, and distance, being allowed to do these things again poses a real struggle for many of us.

Two dating websites have decided to pave the way for FOMU, to provide resources, advice and gentle hand to those of us struggling. They are working with press and influencers to share tips for personal safety – that we should always follow – safety in the current climate, and ways to mentally feel safe and empowered when managing this unique time.

The two companies comprise of Subs and Doms; who are a niche website providing information, tools and an online dating mechanism allowing likeminded people to chat and meet. The next – My BDSM Hookups – believe understanding your personal FOMU feelings and limitations are vital to getting back to your own happy normality. They have shared the benefits in exploring your perceptions to be able to get back to your own normality, and explore your own dating desires.

Date safety will always be super important when exploring the online world full of so many people, with and without Covid. Tips we have discussed include always meeting new people in public for the first time, and telling friends of our plans so they can check in on us. It is so very important to use dating websites and apps that are proven to be legitimate, and have various blocking and analysis features to ensure the safety to all users.

In terms of current, pandemic-related worries when meeting new people, there are a few things we should all go through with ourselves. Whilst we should be following the current government rules, we should feel strength in adding our own precautions, based on personal situations and what makes us feel mentally more at ease. We should never feel pressured to do all that is allowed at any given time, but rather, use this as a base to choose what aspects we personally feel comfortable with.

After working personally to understand our own viewpoints on this, we should opt to share this with potential partners or dates we plan to meet. By doing this we can work out exactly the best route to take and ensure we are on the same page.

On the other angle of FOMU, we are seeing a consistent dip within the public and sexual confidence. After such a long time with none of the good stuff (for many of us!) the thought of jumping back into this again can be daunting to say the least. Dating websites can be a fabulous way of building up this courage in the safety of your own home; or wherever you’re logging on!

Niche sites are becoming an increasing topic to help combat this, as there really are dating websites for all niches. This can be the perfect way to build up sexual confidence after a dry spell, as people on the same pages of the internet already share your feelings and likes!

To help promote wellness, happiness, and safety in getting back to our normality, this campaign includes an international giveaway, featuring empowerment books, candles and homeware – along with a wellness journal to explore your feelings and understand your personal thoughts on the matter. It is important to remember that we should always feel strength in taking our own pace and our own path when doing these things.

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