Planning To Buy A Two Wheeler? Here’s Why Honda Activa Can Be The Best Option.

Honda Activa

Honda Activa

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India launched a motor scooter, Honda Activa, in May 1999. Roughly 1.96 lakh units of Activa were sold as of October 2021. This two-wheeler rose in demand among Indian motorists owing to its latest technologies and features.

Although this scooter equips upbeat safety features, it is susceptible to risks and damages like other vehicles. Considering this, individuals planning to purchase this model must obtain Honda Activa insurance from a reputed insurer. An insurance policy covers the costs of damages caused to a two-wheeler during an accident. It helps in curtailing financial and legal liabilities.

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Moreover, there are a host of other benefits associated with two-wheeler insurance plans which will be discussed in the following segment. But before that, let’s take a look at the reasons why one should consider Honda Activa when purchasing a two-wheeler.

Why Is Buying A Honda Activa Your Best Bet?

Individuals planning to purchase a two-wheeler will find Honda Activa meet their requirements due to the following factors:

  1. Superb Engine performance and build quality

The latest version of Honda Activa 6G sports a Fan Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine that is BS-VI compliant. It also comes with a fuel injection system that enhances throttle response resulting in smooth engine performance.

Further, this model gets a metal frame that adds up to its robust build quality. A metal body increases its strength and results in long-lasting durability. Moreover, it also adds a shine to the scooter’s look. There are also some cosmetic changes that enhance the visual appeal.

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  1. Higher resale value

Ideally, vehicles’ value depreciates after driving them for a substantial period. This means that individuals selling their used commuters will get a price based on this depreciation value.

Besides sturdy build and reliable performance, a well-maintained Honda Activa scooter comes with the highest resale value in India compared to other models. This means individuals can expect a high return value in case their two-wheelers incur heavy irreparable damages or are stolen.

Hence, this becomes a vital benefit to consider when purchasing a Honda Activa scooter.

  1. Safety

Before purchasing a commuter, one should be aware of the safety features it equips. In this regard, Honda Activa consists of the following safety options:

  • Combi brake system
  • Shutter lock
  • Seat opening switch
  • Analogue speedometer
  • External fuel filling
  • Silent start with ACG
  • ESP technology

Thus, by purchasing this Honda scooter, you can expect unmatched safety while driving.

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  1. Easy servicing and maintenance

Driving in rough conditions can degrade a commuter’s performance in the long run. To that end, regular maintenance and servicing of a scooter are necessary to enhance its longevity and driving performance.

In this regard, individuals opting for Honda Activa scooters can enjoy low maintenance and servicing costs.

  1. Adequate storage

This scooter features a large 5.3-litre fuel tank with a curb weight of 107 kg. Additionally, the presence of external fuel filters simplifies the fuel refilling process. It helps in avoiding the risks of spillage inside the trunk.

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Get Honda Activa two-wheeler insurance for proper coverage

Now individuals can protect their pockets from financial losses while repairing their damaged Honda scooter by obtaining an appropriate insurance plan. They can choose from the following insurance plans:

  • Third-party insurance: This is a basic and mandatory insurance plan that covers damages caused to a third-party person, vehicle or property by a Honda scooter. It covers litigation issues and helps in avoiding hefty traffic fines as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.
  • Comprehensive insurance: A third-party policy will not cover own damages caused by fire, earthquake, or other accidents. In that case, to obtain overall coverage, one should purchase a comprehensive two wheeler insurance This policy provides coverage benefits against both own and third-party damages.

In addition, one can purchase a standalone bike damage cover on top of a third-party policy to get coverage benefits against own damages.

Thus, before settling for an insurance plan, knowing everything about the coverage limits is essential. It will help in selecting the best plan for a Honda Activa two-wheeler that offers maximum benefits.

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