How to Survive Your First Winter in Vermont

First Winter in Vermont

New England is known as a quaint place riddled with the country’s early history, an area where you can enjoy farm-to-table food wherever you go and there’s no shortage of museums or cultural happenings to enjoy.

The summers can be enjoyed on the coast, flowers abound in spring, and the foliage is unmatched come fall.

And yet, another thing New England is noted for isn’t as fun: bone-chilling winters.

If you’re looking at Burlington houses for sale or Brattleboro apartments to settle down in, you’ll want to heed these tips to get you through your first winter up north.

Learn the art of layering.

There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to putting on layers in the winter, though you should know how to do it properly. Layering your clothes the right way can be the difference between toasty toes or frozen fingers.

Start with a base layer that keeps your skin dry, like a close-fitting undershirt. Now add a layer that’ll keep you warm against the cold, like a flannel or sweater. Last, pile on an outer layer that will provide protection, like a waterproof and insulated jacket.

Get snow tires.

This is one of the best investments you can make for the snowy months, especially if you’re a commuter.

And prep your car completely.

You’ll want to make sure to always have a snow brush, small shovel, warm blankets, and emergency kit in your car in case you find yourself stuck on the side of the road in the event of a storm.

This should include snacks, extra mittens and socks, a warm hat, and a flashlight, to start.

Invest in good shoes.

What snow tires are to your car, so are snow boots to your feet.

You’ll be doing a lot of trudging in both fresh snow and shoveled walkways laden with ice melt, so invest in a pair of shoes that will keep your feet warm and hold up to slippery conditions.

Be active indoors.

Sure, you can sit on your couch and watch Netflix but there’s also merit in stimulating your mind by hitting up museums and venues that are in abundance around the state.

There are also plenty of eateries and bars that serve up comfort food and hot toddies to keep you comfortable during the cold days and nights.

Have a good self-care routine.

Did you take your vitamins today? How about putting moisturizer on your face?

While these things can be important in everyday routines, they are particularly effective during the winter months.

These habits can help keep your body and mind going when you’re otherwise feeling sluggish.

Embrace the outdoors.

It may feel counterintuitive, but truly enjoying the beauty of the outdoors in winter can help you get through the season.

Too often people nest in their homes, barely seeing the light of day. In Vermont there are many winter-friendly activities to take part in, from skiing and snow tubing to ice skating and snow shoeing.

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