Tent Commandments: How To Camp Properly

Get Ready for Your Next Trip With Ease

Whether you’re on a family camping trip or chilling out solo in the garden, a Hangout Pod is the perfect place to enjoy some downtime. We’ve put hours into making sure that our Pods are the best circular swinging hammocks around – period.

From a robust steel stand to a comfy Olefin fabric texture, Hangout Pods provide you with an easy to use hammock that’s super versatile. If you want a cosy hideaway in your own house or garden, a Hangout Pod is made for you. Prefer chilling out in the woods? No problem – find a strong tree branch and you’re sorted.

But what exactly makes a Hangout Pod click? It’s not as complicated as you think. Check out the infographic below for an easy to understand, layer by layer run through of our one of a kind Pods.

Infographic by hangoutpod.com

How To Camp

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