Evolution of Transport

Evolution of Transport 1
Transport is one of the fastest evolving industries and technologies in recent years. But have you ever wondered how it all started? In this stunning infographic, you will take a trip through time and discover some of the earliest forms of transport, through to the modern favourites that you see today.

From the earliest wooden boats, horses and carriages, right up to state-of-the-art lorries and cars, our basic need has remained the same: to successfully complete our journeys and reach a destination.
The infographic is organised into five readable sections with vibrant illustrations. It also concludes with helpful sources linked below the main infographic, so that history enthusiasts or those who wish to learn more can continue reading.

If you have ever wondered how getting from A to B became the multi-billion pound transport industry that it is today, this accessible and entertaining infographic provides a great starting point.


Source of Infographic: https://www.tlxgroup.co.uk/infographic-the-evolution-of-transport-over-time/

Evolution of Transport 2

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