This year is year of the staycation but next year….foreign vacation

This year is year of the staycation but next year....foreign vacation 1

This year is year of the staycation but next year....foreign vacation 2

Ensure your website is fit for purpose for your potential foreign visitors.

Vacations abroad are too problematic

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant many summer vacations abroad have been postponed or canceled. Many of us are resigned to the fact that we are staying at home this year.  Travel abroad has too many complications, not least because of the threat of having to self-isolate for 14 days on return home due to changing government rules. There is also the constant concern that flights are canceled last minute, with no guarantee of travel or accommodation refunds. And even if we get abroad, there may be restricted facilities. Moreover, the cost of travel insurance may be an issue as well as the risk of falling ill or having to self-isolate abroad and having to extend the stay at extra cost.  The staycation, as it is called, is what many of us are doing; choosing to have a break at home, either traveling within our own country or having day-trips from home.

Foreign vacations deferred until next year

However, after the crisis has passed, people will want to make up for their lack of foreign vacation. Many will be keen to compensate for any postponed celebration, whether a wedding, anniversary or birthday. Many will again be looking to experience warmer climes and the delights of foreign cuisines. As soon as there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, people are likely to be online booking their place in the sun or next hiking adventure. If you are in the tourism industry, start preparing now! Make sure that your website is up-to-date with relevant information and attracting your target audience.

Ensure your website translation does the intended job

Does your website meet the requirements of your foreign target audience? Do you tell potential customers what they want to know in a way that is natural to them? They are likely to want to know about the location and ambience, information about the accommodation and what food and drink is on offer. Important also will be what there is to do locally, costs, special offers and how to book. is an online translation agency and will allocate translators with experience in website translation in the relevant target language. A native speaker will be assigned to ensure that the website wording is written in a way that is natural to the target language audience. Furthermore, the translator will have experience of translating for the tourism industry, ensuring a locaizised translation. Whether your target audience are wine lovers, golf enthusiasts, into hiking, trekking or climbing or looking for a meditation or yoga retreat, the assigned translator will have the appropriate knowledge to provide a skilled translation for your potential visitors. will also assign a professional experienced in search engine optimization in the relevant target language. The expert will have knowledge of commonly filtered words in the relevant language, which could stop your website being found by potential customers on their search engine. The website expert will also ensure that the translated content is put on the correct webpage, ensuring that your website is easy to navigate. Ensure that your website is ready. More information about website translation can be found at:


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