Here Are All the Ways In Which You Can Use Your Credit Card Reward Points

Credit Card Reward Points

Managing your finances is so much more comfortable with credit card reward points. The convenience of using the borrowed money when you need it and then repaying it at your convenience along with a monthly interest fee applicable only during the tenure of repayment is indeed a great way of ensuring that you don’t run out of funds. Along with the significant financial benefits, what makes credit cards the ideal payment system is their capacity to earn you rewards. These reward points can be earned for every purchase made using the card as well as for milestone spending. So what can you do with these reward points? Let us discuss it in detail.

Ways To Use Your Credit Card Reward Points

Credit card rewards can be used in myriad ways and can prove to be exceptionally profitable and offer maximum returns if you know how to use them properly. Here are some of the ways you can use your credit card reward points.

Online shopping

Your reward points can be used to earn cashback and discounts when you shop online. Some credit cards also offer the advantage of using rewards points to pay for a portion or all of the purchases at select, online partner stores.

Paying bills

Credit card reward points can be used to pay utility bills, reduce card debt and even add value to your savings balance so that you earn more interest.

Buying Gift Cards

You can use your credit reward points to purchase gift cards. As gift cards offer the advantage of both value and flexibility to the recipient, it is an ideal way to make use of your credit card rewards. These gift cards can be used in partner retail stores to enjoy extra benefits on your rewards.

Hotel Deals

Adding up your reward points can also get you stellar hotel deals. Credit cards dedicated to earning reward points such as the RBL SuperCard help you accumulate significant RBL rewards using milestone bonuses, welcome gifts, etc. These RBL Credit Card Reward Points can be used to get hotel accommodation. The RBL credit card reward points convert to the cash value of the stay, thus saving you a significant amount of money when you travel.

Discounts on Airfare

Redeeming your reward points can help you save a significant amount of money on airfare. To understand this better, let us again take the example of RBL credit card reward points. You can go to the RBL rewards portal and select the flight you wish to travel in and proceed to pay using your points. The RBL credit card reward points convert to cash value against the number of points you select to utilize for the payment.

If you are all for reward points and want to get your hands on as many as you can manage, make sure to apply for a credit card that offers you the best rewards. Browse the pre-approved offer and select the one that matches your lifestyle best. You can then use these rewards to enjoy a range of incentives and benefits every time you shop. Download the Finserv MARKETS App to know more.


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