4 reasons why you should start playing cards

4 reasons why you should start playing cards 1

4 reasons why you should start playing cards 2

Many people never really realize that there are many benefits to gain from playing cards. Many people have been enjoying these benefits even without being aware. But if you are aware, you can begin to consciously take advantage of them. Here are some reasons you should play card games.

A great way of socializing

Playing cards can be a great way of socializing with family and friends. It helps you to spend more fun time with your loved ones and also compete with them. It can also be an avenue to discuss more fun topics together and learn.

For many festivals card games are usually played to add more fun to the celebration. Also, during some festivals, there could be card games tournaments where the games are played by a larger group of people. These tournaments help you meet new people and make new friends.

However, these days, socializing with games has gone beyond playing physically. You can play card games online even without being physically together with the other players. This means you can play with your friends or family members who are in different locations. Also, online tournaments even host many more people than physical tournaments can. From your home in India, you get to play games like Rummy and Poker with people in other countries of the world. This brings socialization to a different level.

Card games help to develop skills

There are many skills you have to put to use while playing card games. This further develops you in different areas and helps you to face other challenges of life. For instance, when you play the games with other people, each of you takes a turn to make moves. Before it is your turn, you may have to carefully watch other players’ moves to decide your own move. This helps you improve your patience and ability to focus.

Another important skill card games help you to improve on is the ability to make quick decisions. You do not have all the time to think as you would be delaying other players. You will have to make a move quickly and make the right one. There would be a consequence if you make the wrong decision. Hence, you are improving your decision-making skills.

There are so many other skills you can get from playing cards. Even games that are considered games of chance including Teen Patti online games, require some element of skill. For example, knowing how to bluff or whether you should play blind or chaal in Teen Patti takes time to master.

There are a variety of card games to enjoy

If you start to list the number of card games available to play, you would come up with a very long list. But even your long list would not cover all of them as there are so many card games you may have never heard about. However, if we stick to the very popular ones available, you still have so much to enjoy. Talk about games like Solitaire, Poker, Bridge, Blackjack, etc. These games can keep you entertained for several hours.

Furthermore, games like Poker have many variations available. The most popular variation is Texas’ Hold’em game but there are many more interesting variants you would love to try. Another card game that has many variants is Blackjack.

Better Mental Health

In recent years, many researchers have looked into the impact of card games on mental health. For instance, the University of Wisconsin-Madison made a study in 2014 and discovered that card games help players stay mentally fit, especially in old age.

Another study that began in 1981 suggests that those who spend time in mental activities such as card games may be less likely to suffer from dementia. This suggestion was drawn from the reports of more than 14,000 people who participated in the research. Many other studies prove that playing card games provide great benefits for mental health, especially for the elderly.


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