6 Graphic Design Tips and Tricks to Make Your Content Stand Out

6 Graphic Design Tips and Tricks to Make Your Content Stand Out 1

6 Graphic Design Tips and Tricks to Make Your Content Stand Out 2

Visual communication is extremely important, and graphic design plays a major part in how people understand your message. Content without great graphics is often lost on people with a short attention span.

There are things you can do to make sure each graphic stands out. Continue reading this article to learn more about how to make amazing content.

1. Don’t Use a Lot of Fonts

Fonts play a major role in the graphics you create. Even if there isn’t a lot of text on the graphic you use, you need to make sure it packs a punch and complements your brand.

If you use too many fonts, it won’t look good. Using a couple in one graphic won’t hurt anything, but when you start using three or more, it can be confusing to the eye.

For instance, if you’re creating book covers, you might use one font for the title and another font for the subtitle.

2. Use a Color Wheel

Don’t always trust your eyes to pick the best colors for your graphics. A color wheel can be helpful when you want to find colors that go well together.

Color wheels make it easy for you to create color palettes. There are tools, like Adobe Kuler, you can use when you’re creating your color palettes as well if you find yourself drowning in colors.

3. Keep It Simple

Don’t think that complicated equals effective. When you keep graphics simple, it’s easy for people to see what you’re trying to communicate.

If you create graphics that are too complicated, people might not take the time out to discern what you’re trying to get across to them. If you’re designing a logo, it’s even more important to keep things simple than if you’re creating something for social media or your website.

4. Picture Your Audience

Before you start designing, you should picture your audience. Think about how they would feel about your graphic.

Would it grab their attention? Would the graphic be helpful to them in some way?

You can even create a few mock-ups and see which ones test best with your audience. Whichever one does well, you can spend time perfecting it.

5. Consider the Industry

When designing, think about the industry you’re working in. If you aren’t sure what works well in the industry, take time to research similar companies.

Are there certain colors that test well in that industry? There are certain shapes that make people feel more confident, and you should use them in industries that require trust—like the legal field or in construction.

6. Don’t Forget the Times

You do want to be unique, but you also need to keep in mind what is trending. If your designs don’t reflect what’s hot today, people might not feel comfortable with your brand.

Yes, people like new, but sometimes they are still resistant to change.

Winning With Graphic Design

Now you know more about graphic design and how to make it work for you. With the above tips, you’ll be able to get attention and get your point across.

Do you want to learn more about graphic design? Keep going through our blog.

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