Nokia’s Worldwide Reach Pays Off


Apple and iPhone must be one of the most popular phones among smart phone users, but Nokia has generated massive revenue overtime due to its reachability worldwide across a variety of phone operators, compared to Apple and Google phone. In this infographic titled, “Nokia’s Worldwide Reach Pays Off”, you will see how Nokia phone apps have generated revenue from different operators across the world.

If you are a traveler, then you can download any app or any game from the OVI network of Nokia that is accessible in a variety of countries across the world. Most of games downloaded are angry birds, poker games, farmfrenzy, astroller, worms, etc. The developers who have created these games benefit from the revenue generated from these games, every time a user downloads these games. If the games are to be played online, the mobile network operators are to benefit from these downloads every time they are played.

Most of the developers benefit a profit that is a large sum of money from the apps they have developed. Since Nokia has integrated with the mobile service operator, it has also profited from the billing and part of whose revenue also goes to the operators of the mobile. Though Nokia has been popular for its robust make and reliable navigability, you can see from the infographic that they also generate revenues for app developers.


Revenue generated by Nokia developers and profits made by Nokia.


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Nokia Worldwide Reach

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