Is Anything Private on Your Phone Anymore?

Security is a major concern not just on the internet but also on the mobile. Especially, the smart phones are more vulnerable to security threats. Whenever you are downloading an app on your smart phone, and do not look into the security settings and install it, it could pose a threat to your privacy. In this infographic titled, “Is Anything Private on Your Phone Anymore” you will see how smart phones are privy to privacy attacks.

Regular software and anti-virus updates are just one things you can do to safe guard your smart phone from accidently leaking any private information to these apps. Most of the apps that you install on a smartphone tap into your privacy settings. Whenever you are making a transaction online, you can check for the websites security certificate and look into other security features.

You can also read the applications’ installation and privacy policy. If it says that it is going to access your phone book and other private settings, then you are opening many vulnerabilities though your mobile phone. Before installing any software, also read the reviews and ratings of that application. Make sure you do not click on unknown SMS or any links on your mobile, blindly. Keep updating your phone password. Firstly, have a phone password that is not easy to crack and keep updating this password regularly.


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Mobile Phones Privacy


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