Nokia Mobiles Timeline


Who hasn’t heard the brand name “Nokia”? In fact we’re willing to bet everyone who is reading this article had owned a Nokia phone at one point of time or the other in their lives!

This Finnish multinational company has established its presence in more than 150 countries worldwide. This in itself is enough to explain the brand value of this communications and information technology giant.

This infographic titled “Nokia Mobiles Timeline” highlights the revolution in the Nokia mobiles since its inception. All the products including mobile devices launched by Nokia have been featured in this infographic in a chronological order.

This infographic doesn’t cover any facts and figures about Nokia mobiles. It just clearly features all the products launched by the company from the year 1982 to 2006. The latest models haven’t been covered either.

You would be enthralled to notice the change in technology and the model design that has been brought in by the company. You would clearly decipher how the devices have become more and more compact and as well as sleek as far as the design of the mobile body is concerned. This infographic is for all those mobile enthusiasts and Nokia-lovers who love knowing the evolutions in the communication industry.

Likes: Quite simple to understand

Dislikes: Lacks the use of more interactive tools, technology changes should’ve been mentioned for people to distinguish between various models. 
Nokia Mobiles Timeline Infographic

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  1. I like nokia because it easy to used but think this only my comment the problem they don’t make a wide screen like other cellphone unit so make wide screen because someone people really want a wide screen cellphone. Because cellphone is used for games ,searching,and other important things Nokia is a quality products


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