Apple iPhone 4 vs Nokia N8

In this era of technological advancements, mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. There are many brands globally which keep bringing out high-end mobile smartphone models for the convenience of users.
This infographic titled “Apple iPhone 4 vs. Nokia N8” highlights the differences that exist between two of the top end models from two top brands– Apple and Nokia.
This infographic clearly covers the differences that exist between the two models in terms of dimensions, colours and features of both the models. This is quite self explanatory and gives you all the vital information about the distinction in Apple iPhone 4 and Nokia N8.
The features cover the comparisons about the display, camera, connectivity, memory and operating system in these two devices. It has been created with simplicity in mind, so that we are not bombarded with too much information at the same time, and it works exactly for this reason.
Without taking sides, we are presented with a “clean” infographic that gives us detailed information of the two models, including the physical dimensions. The pictures of the model and the colour variants have also been provided which makes it visually appealing.

Likes: Pretty simple to understand, clear distinctions of the two models.
Dislikes: It’s quite plain and may seem too straightforward for some.

Apple iPhone 4 vs Nokia N8 Infographic


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