Why Should Enterprise Consider Micro-Blogging

Microblogging has many advantages and is used by many companies to effectively spread awareness about their brands. It encourages open participation from millions of users online. You can send short messages about your brands and generate a lot of traffic in no time. In this infographic titled, “Why Should Enterprise Consider Micro-Blogging,” you can read about the numerous advantages a business can have using microblogging.
You can follow updates that interest you and also repost them on your page. You can include any links that contain images, video, texts and the link will be displayed only as a tiny URL. It is one of the simplest ways to display your ideas and experience through tiny URLs. You can create groups of your interests and you can have many conversations in a group and share your ideas.
This is one platform where the information that is displayed and shared is non-hierarchical. You will get an equal voice in any idea or opinion that you express. This also increases your productivity as it decreases the emails and usage of chat applications. You don’t need to have meetings every time to discuss an idea. You can have meaningful conversations through micro blogging. It can also act as one of the knowledge base platforms. You can also integrate your teams in a more structured way using these platforms.
Clear picture on the advantages of microblogging that benefits business enterprises.
None as such. It has information that is useful for any working employee.

Why Should Enterprise Consider Micro-Blogging

courtesy: brandpilgrim.com

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