Your Resume Is Being Built On Social Media

You can make yourself indispensable as an employee if you are able to maintain your social media profile properly. Most of the recruiters depend more on your social media presence and content to recruit you than look at your resume alone. In this infographic titled, “Your Resume Is Being Built on Social Media” you will see what you do on the social media helps your employers take decisions if they have to recruit you or not.
What you post on a variety of social media platforms say a lot about your personality, life choices, and tastes. Recruiters are keenly looking at your social media profiles to make decisions in keeping you or firing you from their companies. The conventional route of building a resume in a doc file is passé and is no more used as a basis to recruit you.
Your social life, your social groups, your photographs, your friends list, your networks, and everything that you do on social media might be the information they use for analysis during the recruitment process. If you are already employed and need a promotion, even then, every detail of your social media activity might me minutely scanned to be able to take a decision about your promotion.
A good insight into what a company takes into account in order to recruit an individual employee.
None as such. This info graphics is very elaborate and gives a very broad insight into the attributes a company would be looking at to recruit an employee, although could have represented better.

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Your Resume Is Being Built On Social Media


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