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The Winners & Losers of Social Networking

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There are a variety of social networks used by people of all ages and all range of social class. According to this infographic, teenagers are mostly active on platforms like YouTube, Friendster, and Myspace and the richer people use LinkedIn. In this infographic titled, “The Winners & Losers of Social Networking” you will see which social network is gaining popularity and which one is steadily declining in popularity.
Facebook, StumbleUpon, YouTube, LinkedIn are amongst the most popular social networks that men, women, teenagers, and also senior people use for social networking. Each platform has a certain objective. You will find that LinkedIn is used as a professional platform for social networking. Facebook is used as an informal platform for social networking. YouTube is be used as a talent base by most of the young teens who showcase their talents on YouTube.
In this infographic you will see that the popularity of Myspace, Friendster and Hi5 is declining. You will not find many genuine users on these platforms as you might find on most of the popular networks. Graduation students too use LinkedIn instead of Kaixin001 network for networking online and offline. Social media network is a powerful platform to meet potential clients as well as employees. Scroll down below to find out who is winning and who is losing in the world of social networking.
Information on which social media networks are popular amongst people of all age groups and gender.
This information seems incomplete while there are many other platforms which have not been mentioned here, but overall well represented.

The Winners & Losers of Social Networking


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