What Mark Zuckerberg could buy with 6.9 Billion dollars?

Who hasn’t heard the name Mark Zuckerberg? When top billionaires are considered, the one who stands out is Mark Zuckerberg as he is the only one under 30.

Being the 66th richest person on this planet, the creator of Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most successful entrepreneurs. Have you ever wondered what he would do with so much money? If you haven’t, then check out this cool infographic titled “What Mark Zuckerberg could buy with 6.9 billion dollars?”

This infographic advices Mark to purchase a plush home just like Bill Gates which is worth $ 147 million. He can even own a McLaren F1 car which happens to be the most expensive and fastest car ever made.

He can even own a dozen of Bugatti Veyrons with this money and still be left with so much to buy. $42 million would all be needed to do that.

To sum up, he can own two islands, 108 exotic cars, two plush homes, a sports team, a Vegas crash pad, a space shuttle and a boulder of solid gold. All these can be purchased with just half of the cash that he has.

Likes: Cool description, nice use of images

Dislikes: More things could’ve been considered

What Mark Zuckerberg could buy with 6.9 Billion dollars?

Courtesy: en.digitalkamera.com

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