7 Things To Look For In A Winter Beater

If there’s any season that’s probably not a favourite amongst the drivers, then it’s undoubtedly the winter season.
Who loves driving amidst the snow, road salt and sleet? This infographic titled “7 Things to look for in a Winter Beater” clearly explains the seven things you need to look in a winter beater in a neat and organized way.
The 7 things that have been considered in this infographic are traction, battery, all-wheel-drive, defrost systems, safety features, loose steering and weather stripping. These 7 things are quite vital to be considered while looking for a winter beater.
These ensure safety and proper functioning of the vehicle during harsh winters. Driving becomes much smoother upon considering the factors mentioned in this infographic in a harsh winter condition. Tires on a winter beater must be able to withstand snow and rain. The battery must be able to function in cold environments.
To prevent the car getting stuck in deep snow, then an all-wheel-drive must be considered. The defrost system must be in good working condition as well as the steering parts. Additional safety features must also be considered to drive safely during winters. These simple points have been summarized in this infographic, which we’re quite sure will come in handy for you during winters.
Likes: Simple and clear description
Dislikes: Too much text makes this infographic clumsy

7 Things to look for in a winter beater Infographic

Courtesy: bankrate.com

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