Urban Population Living in Slums

As per the latest report by the UN Habitat publication, the absolute number of slum dwellers is steadily increasing. The report states that 863 million of people live in slums.
The figure was 650 million in 1990 and 760 million in 2000. This infographic titled “Urban Population Living in Slums” covers 13 nations worldwide and brings out a comparison of the urban population in these nations during the years 1990 and 2007.
This infographic covers 13 nations including Bangladesh, Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan, India, China, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Columbia and Mexico. The percentage of urban population living in slums in these 13 nations has been clearly represented.
This infographic implies that the rising percentage of slum dwellers also has major implications on the supply of health care services and all basic amenities. It can also be noted that in Bangladesh more than 80% of people live in slums.
Nigeria follows Bangladesh as far as the percentage is concerned. The least percentage of 20% has been recorded for Mexico in this infographic.
Likes: Use of graphical tools for representing the numbers
Dislikes: More nations could’ve been considered, and several facts are missing
Urban population living in Slums Infographic

Courtesy: economist.com

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