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Whether you use a vibrator, dildo or an anal toy, your sex toys should provide you with pleasure and not problems! Choosing and purchasing the best sex toys are equally as satisfying in bed when you know you can trust the product.

What are the Pros of Using Sex Toys?

Whether a pleasure seeker is in a committed relationship or single, there are many reasons why owning sex toys can be beneficial. Socially awkward people especially enjoy owning a toy as they still get the orgasm and sexual pleasure they may miss out on when meeting people or partners.

Couples also benefit from sex toys as one partner may require additional stimulation to reach climax and feel fulfilled sexually. Couples who experiment with sex toys are often happier in their relationship and appreciate the benefit of a healthy sexual relationship.

Orgasms are necessary to release tension and stress and in return flood the body with needed feel-good hormones which is beneficial for mental and emotional health. People who struggle with intimacy also benefit greatly from sex toys as there is zero pressure to perform and they can still receive pleasure in their own time.

How to Pick the Best Toy to Suit You

If you are a beginner, it is best to start off slow and with less adventurous toys than the pros in the bedroom. Easing your way into the sex toy world is both exciting and fulfilling but you will need to know what you would prefer in a toy and what you are not willing to experiment with.

Most beginners will start with a simple vibrator, cock-ring or a dildo. Once they are accustomed to this sort of play, they start to explore the toys with vigor and adventure out of their comfort zone. Most sex toy sites give guidance on choosing your newest toy and you can absolutely research which toys you think would be suited to you.

When you have purchased your sex toy, always ensure you have read and understood the instructions! You may be excited to get going and want to try out your new toy as soon as you can but rather err on the side of safety than regret. The user manual or instruction pamphlet has been specifically designed to educate the user on what to expect, the do’s and don’ts of operation and any other information the user should be aware of.

If you are in the market for an anal sex toy, check out the best anal toys for maximum pleasure. There are anal toys to suit any style or preference for anal sex or play and once again cater for the novice and the expert in bed. A great anal sex or sex-toy tip is – ease into it, take your time and don’t rush the experience if you want it to be pleasurable. 

What to Avoid with Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex should not be attempted without proper lubrication. As the anus does not self-lubricate the way a vagina does, it is imperative to use lube. Anal lube is necessary to prevent tears to the anus, lesson the friction for easy insertion and to provide further pleasure.

If you use anal sex toys often, it is advisable to buy a personal lubricant applicator. This syringe style applicator will deposit lubricant inside the anus for better anal play and will not leak back out. Invest in high-grade anal lube or gel that will not irritate your body or cause any health issues.

Once you have finished having anal play, use an anal douche to cleanse your anus of remaining lubricant and will also prevent embarrassing pants stains due to leaking.

Never ever insert items into the anus that are not specifically designed to do so. Anal sex toys are available for a good reason. Inserting foreign objects that have not been tested and cleared for anal sex play is asking for trouble and always ends up in a trip to the emergency room.

Speaking of which, if you experience any unusual swelling, bleeding, pain or reactions to lubricant or anal sex toys, always visit a healthcare provider immediately. Serious injuries can be avoided with prompt medical treatment.

If your device or toy is not waterproof – do not use it in water! It is that simple.

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your sex toys is important to prevent the build-up of products which can damage both your body and your toy as well as sterilizing it for future use. Anal toys especially need to be cleaned as fecal matter can turn into a nasty infection when used again. If you use your sex toys responsibly, you can be assured your sex toys are safe.

All sex toys will come with a guide or instruction manual which will explain best practice when cleaning your toy. Most sex toy suppliers provide cleaning aids and solutions to safely clean your toys. If your toy is made from silicone, you may want to avoid soaps or harsh chemicals which can cause corrosion to the material which in turn will not be kind on your orifice.

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