Facts On Stainless Steel In The Construction Field!

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

If your work or business depends on the construction field, then stainless steel could be your best friend when it comes to corrosion resistance ! An alloy of Molybdenum with stainless steel offers variants of Types 316 ,444 and even the duplex 2205 which offers aesthetic as well corrosion resistance benefits ! The Marina Bay Sands Art And Science Museum is the perfect example for metal fabrication Singapore this as the infrastructure segment found that 92 % of steel is collected and recycled in the end. The finds of SSINA (Specialty Steel Industry of North America) estimates that the 300 series stainless steel like the Type 316 contains about 75 to 85 % post consumer recycled content and is stated in its fact sheets. 

The stainless steel is found to be 100 % recyclable with no downcycling at all ! According to ISSF ( International Stainless Steel Forum), 60 % of stainless steel is estimated to be recycled!

Molybdenum addition to stainless steel makes it more resistant to pollution as well as coastal salts. This makes it ideal for construction of buildings, sculptures, transit and parking facilities, etc, that can last 40 years in corrosive regions!

Infographic source – https://www.brooklynz.com.sg/

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