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This eye opening infographic by the guys at adam&, has some pretty interesting facts about what is apparently no longer a taboo topic, Sex Toys. Did you know that people spend about $15 billion per year on sex toys alone? Or that 60 % of women in the US use their own sex toy? Or that 78% of the women interviewed were in relationships and have used a sex toy? Eyebrow raising, but interesting, the infographic covers a wide range of data that could be fairly eye opening for all the men out there.

While visually, the infographic is fairly dull in its use of colours, the information it packs in, makes it pretty colourful! Low population states in the US such as Wyoming, Alaska and North Dakota rank in the top three of the states with the highest sex toy purchases. And as the graphic says, “it must get awfully lonely there”. While fetish toys feature fairly low on the scale of toys, the most popular remain the classic and safe vibrators, rubber penis’ and lubrication, all sharing the pie at 19.2%, 16% and 14% respectively.

The infographic then goes on to elaborate upon some quick(ie) history about the origin of the vibrator. Created initially to treat female hysteria, the world’s first vibrator was stumbled upon after experiments with hand cranked and steam powered vibrators. The very first vibrator, according to this infographic, weighed forty pounds and required two people to operate it.

By 1918, ten years before the electric iron, and nine years before the electric vacuum, the vibrator was added to the Sears catalogue, due to its growing popularity. The original Sears catalogue ad has the vibrator being advertised as an “aid that every woman appreciates”. The visual progresses as somewhat of a timeline of the sex to industry, with details of the most popular vibrator, the most expensive toy and the latest sex toy craze today.

The most popular vibrator is The Rabbit, designed in Japan, where it is against the law to create a sex toy that resembles the human penis. Thus, it was lawfully argued that the instrument was infact merely a pair of rabbit ears. The only rabbit that comes to mind in this kind of situation is possibly the Playboy Bunny!

Thanks to the latest “Fifty Shades Of Grey” craze, the market for fetish items has increased considerably. It seems like it is now no longer taboo for people to act out their fantasies or experiment – sales for bondage sex toys have jumped by over fifty percent!

The market it seems is hotting up, both literally and figuratively, with the most expensive toy being a white gold vibrator, studded with 117 diamonds that is valued at a cool $ 55,000. A pretty hot investment if you ask us!

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