Understanding the Simplicity of Tamil Weddings


Weddings in the south are very different from those that take place in the northern part of the country. Tamilians who represent the major identity of South Indian communities are known for their simplicity, elegance and stress on education.

Tamil Weddings

In a typical Tamil wedding, there is more focus on following the customs and traditions than making it a lavish affair. The Tamilians often take help of Tamil Matrimony to find the respective bride and groom for their son or daughter within their community.

For the Tamilian following, all rituals and traditions are of paramount importance than loading it with pomp and show. Otherwise, like any other wedding, it will be a big event with all relatives and friends in full attendance having all the fun that is associated with a marriage.

The only thing they make sure in a Tamilian marriage is that there is no compromise on the actual ceremony. There are many such rituals that are followed before and after the actual marriage ceremony.

Tamil Pre-Wedding Rituals

The wedding functions in any Tamilian household starts a day before the wedding when the families of the bride and groom pray to God. In this simple ritual, which is called Panda Kaal Muhurtham, they pray that there should be a peaceful, joyous and uninterrupted wedding.

There are few other rituals like Sumangali Prarthanai where the bride-to-be seeks the blessings of Sumangalis for a blissful married life. Then, there is a ritual of Pallikai Thellichal where 9 different types of grains along with little curd are filled into 7 earthen pots, which are decorated with vermillion and sandalwood. These pots are then immersed in the water to feed the fishes and is considered auspicious for the couple’s journey together.

Tamil Marriage Ceremonies

The main marriage ceremonies are MaalaiMaatral, Oonjal, Kanyadanam and Saptapadi. Three days after the wedding, a ritual called Maruvidu Varudal marks the end of all formal wedding celebrations. In this, the couple visits the bride’s paternal home where they are treated to a delicious lunch and are given some gifts in the form of clothes and jewellery.

Tamil Wedding Respect for Culture

For Tamilians, respecting their culture is very important and that reflects in their simple weddings too where rituals are given special importance. They celebrate the wedding with simplicity and elegance participating in all the ancient rituals with reverence poised with the priest’s guidance. Despite people turning modern, Tamil weddings still embrace the old customs and practices. Though some of the rituals have been modified to suit the modern society, they have retained the essence of it.

The matrimony sites have made it easier for Tamilians to find a bride or groom in their respective caste. For instance, the Vishwakarma community has a separate Vishwakarma Matrimony for finding the ideal match. Similarly, they can find the right match based on several other key considerations.

For Tamilians, marriage is a lifelong commitment for two people and they rigidly follow all rituals that are supposed to make it successful. The entire ceremony is enthusiastically witnessed by family and friends. They shower the couple with their blessings and gifts and pray for their happy married life.

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