Modern Wedding Gifts with a Premium Touch

Modern Wedding Gifts with a Premium Touch 1

Congratulations on receiving a wedding invitation to be a part of your loved one’s big day! You might already have decided an attire for each occasion, but have you decided a gift yet? A lot of thought and planning should go when choosing a wedding gift. The gift should be such that it makes the happy couple happier. The wedding gift serves as a token of love and reflects your connection with the bride and groom.

Best Wedding Gifts

Flowers are surely expressive and undoubtedly bring a smile on anyone’s face, but the sad part is that they don’t last long. Think of modern wedding gifts that the bride and groom will love to have around in their house. Think of something that will add to their home while making them think of you every time they see the gift, something that’s both thoughtful and utilitarian.

We know it’s hard to zero down on a gift. So, here is a list of modern wedding gifts that the couple will actually want – and use.

A Set of Porcelain Bowls

Post wedding, most of the weekends will be booked for small get-togethers and parties. This gift of yours will be absolute to serve snacks on the side. From peanuts to dips and crudités, these are just about perfect for serving anything and everything. Even when not in use, these bowls will add to the look of the crockery cabinet. The contrasting patterns go well with each other, while the perfect shape and size make them ideal for any occasion. Lifestyle brands like Nicobar have a wide variety of modern wedding gifts that are sure to bring a smile on the couple’s face.

Set of Porcelain Bowls
Aiiro Snack Bowl (Set of 5) from Nicobar

Plush Bedding Set

Treat the newlyweds with a gift that imparts a vibe of coziness while taking away all the stress caused during the endless wedding festivities. Choose a plush bedding set in premium fabric and gift them good sleep today, tomorrow and every day. If you are confused about which colour to choose, go for neutral. The couple will not be able to thank you enough for this amazing addition to their bedroom.

Bedding Set

Sorbet Cup & Spoon

Now that you have already thought of going past flowers and photo frames, think of something that will speak of your thoughtfulness and sweet gesture. A set of sorbet cups will be the perfect companion for all things sweet. From being a mate for midnight ice-cream cravings to an ideal serving bowl for pudding and custards, this set will make all the sweet craving sessions enjoyable.

Sorbet Cup & Spoon
Diamantina Sorbet Cup & Spoon (Set of 4)

Esschert Design Wall Décor

How about a wall mount structure of a reindeer or mouflon? Instead of picking the real animal ones, go for the ones made using three-dimensional grid or maybe wood. The best part about the metal ones is that they can be painted according to the colour scheme of the house to match with the décor. Another good part is that you won’t be contributing to animal cruelty even in an indirect manner.

Wall Décor

Tickets to an Event

Let’s take the definition of modern wedding gifts to another level by suggesting you something that the couple will remember for years. If you happen to know the taste of the two in music or sports, look for events happening in the city after they are back from the honeymoon. Book VIP tickets and gift them an experience of a lifetime.

Tickets to an Event

Give all your heart when choosing a gift for the special ones in your life. Break away from the traditional gifting norms and think of modern wedding gifts like the ones mentioned above. If you know the couple well, pick something that they will love to have and also matches their personality. When you strike the right chord, your efforts will be visible to the bride and groom.

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