Spheres and Activities Where the Application of Personal Weather Stations might be Extremely Useful

Weather Station

Every day the weather affects our lives. Although it’s not possible to control the conditions around us, there are devices that can help to predict them. Will the hurricane delay your flight? Do you need to pack a raincoat for your mountain expedition? Will the wind be strong enough to sail? Do I need to water my flowers tonight? It is always good to know more about what to expect. In this article, we present activities in which the use of a personal weather station can be helpful for outdoor lovers of all kinds.

What exactly is a weather station?

Weather Station

Basically, a weather station should be able to predict future weather conditions as well as map the current ones in real time.

Most important features of weather stations:

  • Measurement of temperature (indoor and outdoor temperature)
  • Measurement of humidity
  • Recording the wind strength
  • Weather forecast
  • Calculation of the moon phase
  • Date and time presentation
  • Warning functions (for example, storms or hurricanes)

Depending on the planned activity, the number and quality of the sensors is crucial. So you can determine, for example, the wind direction if you are a sailor.

With a weather station, you can plan your everyday life better.

A it is useful for people who like to spend their time outdoors. Weather can be very changeable, which makes it difficult to plan outdoor activities. With a personal weather station, you always have an overview of what the weather is like in the local area. Therefore, one can easily plan everything. Starting from what to put on, what day is the best to take the zoo trip or is it a good idea to go for a bike ride. Thanks to the good forecast, gardeners can plan their work. There are diverse weather stations with different functions available on the market. So you can choose the configuration what suits for planning your everyday activity.

Outdoor activities

If you go outdoors unprepared, the bad weather can hit you. Especially if you are a traveller or a hiker. A sudden change in the weather can spoil your day. It often makes the difference between putting on a t-shirt or a thick jacket. And heaving your clothes wet is annoying in case of sudden rainfall. During your journeys, you should have the weather conditions predicted as accurately as possible, so you know all the information you need independently of large weather institutes. Many rural areas are far from major high-tech weather stations in cities. Therefore, as a traveller, you should buy a weather station and preferably pick up a model which can guarantee excellent weather forecasts and readings and is powered by AA or AAA batteries.


If you are a sailor, a personal weather station will help you to predict wind conditions and rainfall. It can also warn you in the case of a storm. Such information will allow you to know when it’s best to stay at the port to avoid danger or when you can sail safely. If you decide to buy a weather station, make sure that you understand the nuances between different models available on the market. Do you live close to the coast? Then it would be best if you also understood the difference between hurricane watch vs. warning concepts. Remember that you should always put your safety in the first position and be prepared for various weather conditions, including a hurricane. Hurricane watch informs you that a hurricane is possible whereas hurricane warning states that a hurricane is expected. To always be up-to-date with the weather forecast, the best option is to use the weather station. 

Small airports – controlling air traffic

As planes are entirely dependent on the weather, small airports should always be familiar with the precise weather forecast. An advanced model of the weather station would provide sufficient data for knowing the current flight conditions within the area around the airport. Knowing the data about wind, rainfall, future storms, is necessary to control air traffic.

Motorhome travel

A weather station with connection to the PC can give motorhome travellers or other road riders a greater overview of the upcoming weather conditions. Knowing the weather, you can precisely plan your journey and change it according to your needs and expectations. For example, if you know that there is going to be sunny weather, you can choose to park your motorhome over a beach and enjoy the sun. However, if your weather station informs you about low temperature and rainfall, you can choose the opposite direction.


There is no other place where the weather is everything, like in the garden. Precise knowledge on rainfall, temperature, sunlight, and also moon phases will raise chances of successful sprout, growth and harvest. Planting delicate flowers, vegetables, or herbs before frosty mornings may cause painful damage to the seeds and young plants. Use your weather station regularly and avoid major losses. Water generously sunflowers, tomatoes, cucumbers and other water demanding plants if the forecast predicts longer droughts. Tie long, young trees to protective poles if strong winds are coming. Do not plant after the full moon, when the moon is getting smaller, this is rather a time for cleaning and weeding.


Farming is another sphere, where the life of plants can depend on the weather. Farmers who apply personal weather station into their daily life can benefit from knowing what to expect this season. Thus, they can prepare their whole farm better by buying sufficient products and equipment.


As you can see, with a weather station, you are always aware of the current (and coming) weather conditions. This way you can easily see if you can go outside without a jacket or you must take an umbrella with you.

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