Trends Impacting 2013 Holiday Shopping

Trends Impacting 2013 Holiday Shopping 1

For good or bad, technology has transformed our world. Today, no debate or discussion can be held without technology influencing it. This infographic is similar – a review on 8 trends impacting 2013 holiday shopping by Shopping has become faster and hassle free since the advent of the internet and mobile. Consumers are expected to spend 9% more money by the end of 2013 vs 2012. In a stagflating economic scenario, this is an encouraging sign. The way we shop also continues to evolve – for the first time, majority of consumers expect to shop purely online. 61% of people interviewed own smartphones, an increase of 19% in two years. Over 65% of mobile and smartphone owners will use their devices to shop online. However, one trend that has not changed and probably never will is that consumers always look for a bargain. These days, sites like Groupon help consumers fulfil these needs. Consumers tend to go online and look for the best prices, discounts and deals. This has made the market very competitive. Hence, this infographic is essential for retailers and e-tailers to take notice of, as the year 2014 is supposed to b”ring” in some serious changes in shopping. For now, happy holiday shopping from us.

Infographic by Savor blog


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