1993 to 2013: The Cost of Christmas Past and Present

Cost of Christmas

The power and emotion of retro is on the up.  MBNA, one of UKs largest credit card issuers celebrates its 20th anniversary with content in this infographic. MBNA looks how the cost of celebrating Christmas past and present has changed since 1993.  Affinity for the past is oft felt by comparing what costs used to be to what they are.

MBNA’s infographic rides on this emotion beautifully. The cost of postcards has gone up by £8, while decorating costs are up by a whole £12. Food and drink, the core component of our Christmas festivities now cost £178.57 in 2013 vs £103.49 in 1993. Facts such as the average number of gifts people buy for friends and family are bold and prominently highlighted (the number is 12, by the way). An entire segment follows underscoring spikes in average spends – child’s Christmas present costs, credit card spends, male vs. female spends, Christmas trees etc.

MBNA helps to “spread these costs” by showcasing offers such as balance transfer offers on their website. With 22% credit cards and overdrafts usage during Christmas season, it might just be worth checking out what MBNA has on offer for you this festive season.

The Cost of Christmas Past and Present

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