Most Iconic Cars in Hollywood History

Most Iconic Cars in Hollywood History 1

We have been lucky to see some of the most iconic cars in Hollywood. Remember the legendary, time travelling Delorean from Back to the Future? Weren’t you enthralled when James Bond and his Alfa Romeo GTV6 was pursued by two Bavarian BMW cars in Octopussy? These memorable images stay imprinted in most movie watchers.

This infographic by Bayswater Car Rental helps refresh some legendary and iconic cars which we have been showcased over the years. The infographic is attractive and is sure to make car and movie lovers jump for joy. Beautifully laid out with lovely fonts and colour codes, the visual covers cars like the Batmobile from Batman: Dark Knight, VW Model 117 Type 1 from Love Bug (1969), Aston Martin DB5 “Bondmobile” from several Bond movies and more. You will know exactly how many were used in the movie, original cost and when the last sale was.

One can safely say these cars are as legendary as the movies themselves, the only thing they lack is a space in the movie credits.

Hollywood Cars

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