Schedule an Awesome Christmas and New Years Party

Schedule an Awesome Christmas and New Years Party 1

The holiday season bestows upon us the opportunity to party and spend time with friends and family. Corporates and small business owners generally host a Christmas and New Years party to help employees unwind. It is often the right approach, as employees return motivated and enthused for the New Year.

This infographic contains inputs for team leaders and business owners, helping them plan efficient yet effective parties for their employees. Parties are generally not an everyday occurrence in the work space. Heck, the work space itself is not generally adept for hosting a party. For instance, using DIY lighting such as LED strands, paper lanterns and LED globes are safe, eco-friendly options that lighten up the work place.

Some insights are very basic though, such as ensuring there is enough space for all the attendants at the party. In hindsight, it is good that the infographic deals with basic points as it is very easy to overlook in the midst of our busy schedules. It also highlights a nice time-line for part planners to keep track – what should one day a month, 3 weeks, 1 day prior and on the day itself. The part on party precautions is highly subjective though and really depends on the organizers. All in all, a nice ready reckoner to flip through during each Christmas and New Years party season. Infographic brought to you by When I Work

How to Schedule a Party

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