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Travel Blogger In NYC
Travel Blogger In NYC

The United States of America, over the years has proved to be one of the top favorite travel destinations for Indians. You have not gone on a foreign trip if you have not visited the most powerful country in the world. Over a million Indians visit the states every year and this number is only expected to increase in the coming years. Apart from tourists and business professionals, a lot of young minds look at opportunities in further studies at one of the great American universities and flock there in large numbers every year. Many go there to visit their family members in America, who now call that land their home.

What seems rosy from far might not seem so attractive the closer you get to it. Even though it is the land of opportunities, the cost of living can be high and the cost of health care, even higher. A small medical emergency in America could cost you a small fortune because all the medical care there is private and hence expensive. For students travelling to America for studies, having travel insurance for USA from India is mandatory but for someone going there on a vacation, it is not necessary to have insurance, however it is most definitely recommended. Irrespective of how long or short the trip might be, having travel insurance saves a lot of hassle. There are a number of travel insurance online sites which will help you compare and choose the insurance that best suits your needs.

 A very basic travel insurance usually protects from factors like:

  • Any sort of medical emergency – it provides cover against doctor fee, hospitalization charges, diagnostic tests and prescribed medicines. If an ambulance is used, the charges for that are also covered under this.
  • Flight cancellation or delay – the cost for this is covered if there was any natural calamity, war or political situation which caused the same. Or in case there was a situation like a medical emergency or accident which was outside the control of the individual, then that is considered as well at the time of making a claim.
  • Loss of travel documents – when important travel documents like a passport or visa is stolen or lost, then the insurance company takes care of providing a new one to the individual.
  • Loss, theft or damage to luggage – in case there is any loss or theft of your baggage then the cost of it is covered by the company. When there is a delay in the arrival of the baggage then they provide financial relief to buy temporary necessities till the baggage arrives.
  • Trip cancellation or delay – in case of any emergency, should you have to shorten or cancel your trip, then the cost of any prepaid travel and accommodation is covered.
  • Personal liability – if in case a car was taken on rent which met with an accident or was stolen, then the company takes care of the expenses incurred.
  • Repatriation service – should the need arise, this service is also carried out by the insurance company and the cost of it is borne by them.

While it is optional for the rest, as mentioned above, students must have insurance. If they don’t already get one with them from their home country, then the universities also give the option of buying insurance from them but this proves to be more expensive than what is usually available in the market. All in all, no one has ever lost out from having a travel insurance in hand.

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