Planning To Study Abroad? Here’s Why You Should Get A Student Travel Insurance

Student Travel Insurance
Student Travel Insurance

If you are planning to go abroad to study, you need to be aware about the research and planning involved in it. Out of all the aspects of studying abroad, most students agree that arranging for funds is the most taxing effort.

However, not many realise that arranging funds is only half your battle won. Studying in a foreign country will need a lot of preparation and most of it will be about dealing with emergencies. There could be medical emergency, bail bond, personal liability or any other emergency you may face while living in a foreign nation.

This is where student travel insurance comes into play. A student travel insurance is an effective solution for those who are planning to study abroad. From the perspective of a student, there are certain aspects, which need to be checked before buying insurance.

First of all, you need to check the coverage the insurance provides and the network of the service provider. We, at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, offers coverage for medical expenses, emergency dental pain relief, evacuation and repatriation, personal accident, tuition fee, family visit, loss of baggage and accident to sponsor.

A comprehensive travel insurance cover will protect you in case of any emergency that arises due to one of the reasons mentioned here. 


There are a number of benefits of international travel insurance. While you are studying in a foreign country, there might be various emergencies you end up facing and if you do not have a travel insurance, it could cause a substantial amount of expense.

With travel insurance, you can be covered for a cancellation or interruption of your journey. You will get coverage for the medical expenses incurred in case of a medical emergency and you will remain in a better financial position with regard to many circumstances.


Choose a reliable insurance provider for the policy and compare the features offered by them. You can use the online calculator to estimate the amount of premium payable by you.

All you need to do is provide details about your age, gender, type of cover you wish to seek and sum assured. This will help you get an estimate of the travel insurance cost.


Every travel insurance policy will have certain exclusions you need to be aware of. In case of any event, which is covered under the exclusion, you will not be able to get the benefit of the insurance policy.

A pre-medical condition or a normal checkup without any indication of impairment of health will be excluded from the policy. In addition, medical expenses incurred after the expiry of the policy, a suicide or an attempt to suicide is excluded. Manual work or engagement in a hazardous occupation is excluded from the policy.

Moreover, pregnancy or miscarriage will not be covered and any sort of treatment other than modern medicine will remain excluded. The cost of contact lenses, spectacles, crutches and hearing aid will not be covered for. But with great prices on monthly contacts online, it doesn’t matter.

The delay of baggage within India is excluded and a loss to the insured’s passport due to confiscation by customs will not be provided for. Any loss to the individual due to the inability to report the incident to the police within one day of the incident occurring will also not be provided for.

 A student travel insurance is an important investment you make before you leave the country for further studies. It will keep you secure and safe from numerous emergencies that can have an impact on you physically and financially.

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